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Oh gosh someone i remember someone giving a retirement speech i want to say his name was tornado or something like that down who that was there were brothers brothers who wrestled together the young bucks yes young bucks wow in young bucks back in the day and they kind of wore like bellbottom spandex pants they got cool outfit i've never seen them young bucks i think one of the young bucks get a concussion in the ring there was there's a gentleman who would wear a white leather coat with fringe on it and he like went up to like one of the other leagues and then came back i sure i got very upset because joey i've hung out with joey ryan too by the way so i know him in real life too not just yeah so be impressed i am but we are very impressed easily impressed very excited because he was on i think in repulse drag race when they do a wrestling challenge i know him i'm trying to think of who else were there someone who would always like slap the other person's chest really hard that was there like goto move over and over again if you watched some of the dvd's for like two thousand nine two thousand twelve i think you will see me in the audience this is amazing you know hey is anyways if anyone tracks down a shot of gillian in the audience at pwg looking terrified clutching my purse hit us up with the hashtag a freak on hashtag great too much time on my head what the hell was gonna track down a screen grab well i don't know that there might be some fanatics who have those dvd's sitting around they might throw in on from two thousand nine c a vintage young bucks match and say like hey there's gillian in ever noticed her before the guy who would bring out the nintendo pad thing like stomped his feet on that i'm not sure who that is sounds like maytham burn but anyway his with the hashtag i'm a freak and we'll give someone something yeah we'll figure out what.

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