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Ed Burke, city council finance committee and left the building quietly as we know the FBI can be sneaky here thrall after hours of collecting documents and computers in Berks third floor office, suite agents slipped out of egg door this week of the finance committee. Officers headed down to the second floor and out of city hall as reporters sat outside bricks office up on the third floor. Meantime, Burke, reportedly told FOX thirty two news that this is not the first time. He's been investigated by the feds that nothing came of in the past and that he will cooperate again with the feds this time. So it Burks trying not to sound worried at city hall Bill Cameron, DOJ less Chicago man, who witnessed the two thousand fourteen fatal shooting of black teenager Liquan McDonnell gave a version of events that contradicts. What three officers wrote in their report Jose Torres testified today in the officers trial there charged with lying. Protect officer Jason Van Dyke. The officers wrote in their reports that MacDonald lunch and dyke with a knife. The team was carrying Torres says that's not what he saw dyke was convicted of second degree murder last month. Three Saint Louis. Police officers have been indicted for allegedly beating an undercover colleague during 2017 protests and along with the fourth officer conspiring to cover up the crime, the US department of Justice announced the indictments of officers. Dustin Boone, Randy Hayes, Christopher Myers and Bela Coletta all four are suspended without pay. The indictment follows an FBI investigation requested last year by Saint Louis police September two thousand fifteenth acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley set off weeks of protests Stockley who was white was found guilty in the twenty eleven death of was found not guilty. That is in the twenty th death of a black suspect Anthony Lamar Smith, a suburban democratic state lawmaker is apologizing after saying she wanted one of her Republican colleagues and his family to die are John Dempsey with that two days ago, as we go democratic state rep. Stephanie kipah with denounced Lombard Republican Peter Breen saying she hopes that he dies along with his family. I would like to make him a broth of legionella and pump it into the water system of his loved one. Now Kiffa with say, she's sorry. I would never wish any harm or mortality on anybody's family. And that includes the brain family and anybody else's this morning. Peter Breen till John. And Ray on WLS. He accepts her apology. I know folks were saying, well, you know, her apology wasn't sincere. I think for for everyone's sake, I'm accepting it, but Breen also called for an end to dangerous divisive political rhetoric. John Dempsey WLS AM eight nine thousand eight WLS news time six oh three. A look at the roads. If you're traveling on the Edens out to lake cook, we're looking at a twenty five minute trip. Inbound.

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