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Of United Arab Emirates. It's a first-ever papal visit to the Arabian peninsula. The birthplace of his slum investigators with the National Transportation Safety borders seeking additional witness video and testimony. They say that may help their investigation into that plane crash that killed five people in a residential neighborhood of Yorba, Linda, California over the weekend. The pilot a former Chicago police officer Chicago police sergeant has resigned after being accused of committing a sex crime against a teenage boy WGN's, Don clip, and reports Oxman Anthony Guglielmi says former sergeant Eric Elkins resigned effective last Thursday, the forty-five-year-old had been under investigation since he was charged in Michigan in two thousand sixteen with criminal sexual conduct involving a teenager between thirteen and fifteen years old Elkins allegedly touched the boy's genitals and buttocks at a family reunion. That charge was dropped Elkins pleaded guilty to a lesser offense of disorderly conduct. He was also sued by two men who were beaten. Sadly outside a bar and hospitalized in September. Elkins hasn't been charged in that beating Don clip in WGN news, sorta schoolteachers in Chicago walk off the job in the morning. These teachers at four Chicago international charter school campuses, Jen Conan desert math teacher at the ICS north town academy. She's also been involved with the negotiations for the past several months. We are here tonight ready to go on strike tomorrow morning to be on the picket lines because the ICS has chosen to put management greed ahead of our students me speaking late last night at an evening press conference. See ICS says they will hold classes in the morning. They brought in substitute teachers. We'll check sports, traffic and weather next on WGN space. Some regions are.

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