Joe Biden, Chevy, Mr. Trump discussed on Laura Ingraham


Three thousand dollars in sales. They lost thirty six point five million in two thousand eighteen do you see where I'm starting to think you're gonna have a problem buying a six point two million dollar factory based on the fact, you may and or may not get that order for US postal service trucks. Which by the way is worth six point three billion. It'd be building one hundred eighty thousand new mail trucks. In any case. Mr. Trump has bashed Mary bar over closing the factory. It is a business decision. She closed it because they're not selling enough Chevy cruises, which is an exceptional compact car. He can't build him with the public. If the demand, isn't there? You can't keep the plant going. Turns out the Joe Biden. And I did not know this about Joe Biden, his father grandfather, and his uncle all work, the GM factory in Delaware. Did you know that Lance know Joe Biden comes from a family of GM factory workers. In any case that factory was shut down in two thousand nine Joe, Biden has certainly criticized General Motors for closing that factory. In a K so House Republican governor, Mike dewine has cautioned about embracing workhorse electric trucks as a savior for the plant, the UAW doesn't want it. They don't have the postal service contract. They brought in seven hundred thirty two thousand in revenue last year lost over thirty million dollars doing it. Doesn't sound like a plan to me. But, you know, something if gas were still four dollars a gallon people'd still be buying Chevy cruises. The factory would be open. By the way, that's capitalism. Eight seven eight seven five five four three. We're gonna take a very quick break. We'll be back.

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