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The mass shooting happened around four a.m. Sunday morning at a home in Lakeland. As most people were sleeping. This neighbor heard gunshots and came outside a state trooper parked at the end of my driveway. He told me to go back inside. He had a long gun out actually pointed this way to women. An infant a man were killed at 11 year old girl survived. Here's sheriff Grady Judd. He just explained that they begged for their life. And then he shot and killed him anyway, and the interesting thing and we don't know the answer to that. Not underscore we don't How did he end up at that? House Reporter Madison Roberts continues her team coverage. Ex Marine Brian Riley was denied Bond during his first court appearance yesterday. He's trying to convince us That he's mentally ill. But he's very in tune with his statements and his admission. The 33 year old is accused of fatally shooting a family of four in their Lakeland home. Sunday morning. An 11 year old girl was shot multiple times but is recovering. The Polk County sheriff says. Investigators haven't found a link between Riley and his victims. But Riley claims God told him to go to the victim's home. Madison Roberts, Wdbo 173 FM and AM 5 80. Meanwhile, the lone Survivor, an 11 year old girl continues to recover. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd gave us an update This past hour has already been through several surgery. She'll continue to be in the hospital. She was in critical condition. But I'm told from her grandmother that her spirits are good and which, which is a wonderful thing, and the fact that she's alive and we're learning. The shooter has a connection here to Orlando. Sheriff Judd said. Riley worked security to check Although he didn't say.

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