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Your friend who's high up government? Actually Judi Dench. We also audience detach audience question and we asked them, who would you like to bam boozer and why? And redacted. Doc. This is very good answer everyone except the recipient. That is the point of a secret code. My eight year old daughter, she thinks she knows everything codes. None of that nonsense. I'm an engineer. The people who wrote the g. h. q. puzzle book because it's too darn difficult that was going to ask you one Brian, you know everything don't you which element is missing. Ask Nick Aston in bismuth carbon copper on krypton neon, oaken phosphorus, silicon Tennessee. Tin Zine on you have seven seconds. I'm bring him here to you to see his doubtful face. That doesn't happen. Often here is really that and Iran, and I can't do any of it, but then I was heartened to find. There's one patriot says, can you identify this person? It's a picture of Victoria Wood's, so I thought you might be I am the ideal candidate. Does anyone know the answer to that in this book? By the way they can't tell you, you can't turn to the answer section then. I'm not saying that you might not be the best buy. How on earth can is great. This Donald. Donald. Who said on the radio, you ready? I want to people want to know what the answer is now. I'm just saying because he wasn't in the list. Let's say reasonable chance. With your secret code and why? Brian? Because mathematics beating physicists is a fun fact of life. Thank you very much to.

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