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In this lesson he he he the user of the touchdown catch twenty two news section three days later Chris person touched down see also the twenty one to read but it did not last long this is a free football was a problem for the Seahawks in the fourth quarter that eventually led to a separatist was stored up to forty dollars from all the way back he was forced overtime any overtime there was located at the battle of a lot of team they they ran the ball a lot we ran the ball with those Turner was that we needed and it's so good to have this locus and won a big dog some scoring game that we had in the past it is time is ticking down toward it said one last year forty two yards for suppliers to win the game it's in the Seahawks all winners gut wrenching roller coaster ride ends with a twenty seven twenty four Seahawks win in those who is over a good morning and in the studio so have a good idea a little bono for it was so much going on I was crazy and my crew full file cores almost went to a town folklorist full time with your time has been a time where we get anywhere within the last week for the obvious is one which is my great for him to to come through and make his kicks and make his winning kick in the head and all that and then kicked the ball deep on that long a lot goes into that and and that I think it.

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