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Great was not convinced. Well, what is going on with Redlands unified? We've got three teachers who have been arrested on sex abuse allegations involving students in the past five years that seems a lot. It is a lot. I feel like I wanna make a quick PSA. Just a quick gas. Public service announcement for anybody who is in the education field. Whether you happen to be a teacher, or probably more importantly anything in administration or staff. If one of your teachers has a reputation for being the stone or teacher. I want to keep an eye on that guy or gal just just a thing. I mean, if the kids know that teacher has a reputation for showing up I disagree. I disagree. And drug paraphernalia in the class year insinuating that people that smoke pot or child molester. No, no, no, you're more likely to become a child molest not even that not even that because Leto at Nevado high is the stone our teacher p teacher. Okay. Very much into the pot. Okay. But a wonderful person. I'm not saying it can't be wonderful person. But just saying like someone's breaking the rules clearly has a reputation for it. Guy in your radar when you're in control, go with the flow when you're not in control take it like a straw. It's the very best for your soul. Come on. Now. Not god. How does anyone anyway? Former Redlands a high school teacher. Joel Kunst twenty seven years old of Laverne has been arrested on suspicion of molesting two students in the past two years. The first signs of suspicion came in October of last year when custodian heard noises while cleaning the auditory them, of course, home to the school's theater department and found drama teacher Jole hiding in the attic among the props and costumes custodian goes downstairs and notices an exit door is ajar it looks outside. And there's a teenage girl said, I left my jacket inside the auditory. Can I go get it? He follows the girl inside she says, oh, maybe it's not here. And she takes off. So luckily, the custodian is like what the hell is going on here. And so he goes to the principal and says something's something's up with your stone teacher. Yeah. That begins three different police investigations over the course of a year plus that eventually led to this guy's arrest last week and or a week and a half ago, and he pleads not guilty last week fifteen valley charges. He's back in court tomorrow for a pre trial hearing and among other things. Oral copulation someone under eighteen unlawful sexual intercourse. Child-molestation penetration by foreign object distributing or showing pornography to a minor sodomy sexual exploitation of a child. This guy has a massive laundry list of things that he's accused of doing including having a sexual relationship with one of his students to the tune of forty or fifty times Redlands unified hired him as the drama teacher September twenty sixteen. He was twenty six years old. And there were some job performance issues that surfaced about six months later that had nothing to do with sexual misconduct. And then three months later. That's when the custodian speaks up about the auditorium incident. Now, according to. Police reports the victims either did not come forward or when they did they denied any inappropriate relationships with him. But last month one of the girls finally came forward. And there was a USB drive turned over to cops that contained pornographic still images and video of this guy engaged in. To engage in sex acts with two girls who were built sixteen. He had used one of the girls cell phones to take the pictures and shoot the video. That's one of the girls told investigators that she in the sky had Saks dozens of times and that when they were at his home, one time her best friend joined them. They had alcohol they smoked pot. And this guy's wife was to home. Yes. He's married. She was due home. So he drives the girls to a Chick-fil-A, and he buys them, food and walks home, telling the girls, hey, stay here till you sober up and are able to drive home. The thing is when when police investigated this guy started asking questions about this drama teacher. Everybody said, oh, yeah. I mean, he's he's got a reputation for being the stone or teacher for being the guy who super flirtatious with students that he's the hip drama teacher. He's totally down with all the kids. I I don't there were very few young high school teachers when I was in high school very few. There were there were couple. And there was always an assumption that they were going to be more down with everybody. In high school because there were only eight ten years older than us. Yeah. But but but nobody had a reputation for being flirtatious or being the stone or teacher. It's just it's bizarre to me that this this goes on that this somebody there at the school knew that this was going on or had a very strong suspicion that it was going on. And they can't get this guy out of there. I don't know. How many of the details we can get into here not a whole lot? What about what one of his alleged victim says he had a fetish for? Now. No k kids. I mean, they will say kids in pregnant women and transgender boys. He even told one of these we use the finger quotes here one of his girlfriends that he had sex with an underage girl while he was working at a summer camp in Texas and had gotten fired for it. There was one of these girls, by the way, she she didn't have sex with this guy, but she was so traumatized by what appeared to be sort of this grooming relationship that he was involved with with her that she no longer goes to Redlands high school, she has anxiety. Now, she is home schooled. And he would tell her things like how beautiful she was that. She had a nice body and his quote, I can't wait to show. You all the cool things I'm into after you listen to this part. He also worked at Disneyland. Pageant helper dressing up as various Disney characters. They didn't say which character he portrayed, but says he was employed for only a brief period of time. Fully now, we mentioned this at the outset. This is the third time in the last five years that someone's been arrested in Redlands unified. Now, there's a special Ed teacher and golf coach. Kevin Kirkland suspected of preying on girls at the school for ten years before he was arrested in April twenty sixteen then there was the English teacher and soccer coach Laura Whitehurst who was arrested after she had a kid a kid with one of our students. Good Lord in the thing that amazes me about these is that whenever we hear these stories. No one goes. Oh my gosh. He was such a straight laced guy or she was so surprised. Yeah. The stone or teacher that would show up just ripped. Yeah. The guy who always had bombs in the desk. So weird. He broke rules. I don't like your parallel or your connection between him being Estonia and him having sex with students. I'm not saying that there's a connection not just about breaking rules in blurring the lines era pedophile. Which is also breaking the rules. Yeah. But that's a different set of rules. Isn't it? Now. Yes. I guess you're all right coming keep an eye on the guy. I don't care what you're right. Coming up next, a serial killer. Admits to a bunch. No sorry. I wasn't calling. You. She just fired up, and then she started looking up serial killer. Said Siri Siri Siri. She knows that. I'm not talking got mad at her. This guy admits to as many as ninety murders including some here in California. We'll talk about all of that coming up next on Kerry and Shannon. That's Monica Rix, what's up, the national average cost of a gallon of gas has dropped twelve cents in the past two weeks and California is following that downward trend, but prices here are still more than a dollar over the national average in the metro area gallon cost three sixty seven in OC. It's about five cents cheaper. A woman from Texas who traveled to Mexico for plastic surgery has placed in hospice care with major brain damage the realtor from Dallas never woke up after getting put under a news job in some other procedures last month. Mexican officials raided the clinic and temporarily shut it down and it's world toilet day. Hygiene activists and humanitarian say toilets or the lack there thereof or no laughing matter in the third world charity. Water aide says one in five primary schools worldwide has no toilet access. We've got whether and trouble on the seven ten next free the oven..

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