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Eric coke. Horia wins by unanimous decision december. Twenty eighth twenty thirteen. You have sea one sixty eight wiedeman verses silva to las vegas nevada. Dustin pori as mashed up against ultimate fighter winner. Diego brandao oriented defeats brandao by tko. Late in the first round the diamond follows up that victory by defeating care khorasani by second round knockout july nineteenth twenty fourteen. Ufc fight night. Forty six magog versus brando dublin ireland after nearly a year out of the cage recovering from the knee injury suffered in the hallway match but returns as the main event in his hometown of dublin ireland. He faces the ultimate fighter season. Fourteen winner diego brandao. Wanting i do know is that i have a clear clear vision. That gold belt is around my waist by the end of this year at the end of two thousand fourteen. Twenty four and. I don't know why it's clear as day. That belt is wrapped around my waist and these visions that have been having like spoke spoken to start the interview. They seemed to become an show. I seem to have a habit of predicting the future. So i will never go against that. I will. i will embrace it and encourage it. What other visions can you share with us. I mean do you see the one fifty five pound title. Do you see soup anything else. You can tell us one hundred percent. I see it all on my friend. You know. I see it all honesty. I'm common. I'm coming for the gold. I'm coming for all of it i want. I'm taking over the game. You just sit back and relax and watch me take over. The game ever fought in eleven months. Are you almost anxious to get back in there. How would you describe your emotions. Just a couple of days away honestly. I am calm composed prepared. I have never felt like. I said i feel different. People are seeing all this pressure. And all i want this illusion of pressure. Because i don't feel jack shit. I want more of it so when i go out there and beat this guy i make it look easy which i will deal. How did that guy do that. Let's tell you what let's skip. Let's give the with this guy and that that's what it.

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