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Years and you're having it is a great guy and so so and anybody mind if we do like you're cleared second or two or silence for a old tommy baker yup in the kitchen in the sky well there you know black russian with no with no clear or whatever it was just a lot and anyone in meaningless yeah you know we'll see again sunday i'm sure what i say happy holidays everybody out there and what about holiday me already and he kept oh that's a good said what we want to talk about that what to do enough to do yeah all right and what would you do it dollar party just need your show put something so you know it's over and what are you okay right something for the most for the poster for definitely definitely okay i'm depending on who they are could be like a bottle flying just something for the party like a a small dish it might so what just or something don't show pen to have been great completely agree with that statement a player as always nice true or true and the party i was talking about earlier i i always bring host his gift i just i don't give it to are out right i always slipping under to treat you know the sneak and yeah as a head and i always try make it something unusual and this year it was that a plaque that is in the shape of a bottle of line and it says i love to cook with line sometimes laid and put it in the end and the i get that and it my wife enjoys the fruits of the great and dumb and a lot so wine related dumb memorabilia and propaganda or something like that i tell you do get a we were talking at that katie wagner she taught me a lot about wind i was not very much of the line drinker and sure she ruined you.

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