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Mag safe battery pack on. We've got some interesting new rumors about some features that are coming to the iphone and possibly even the ipad mini later this year. And we're going to want to talk about those because this is the more show joining me as always is more contributor karen freeman. Hey karen and today is our special guest. Is i'm more news writer stephen warrick. Hey steven hello all right so another we come and gone and we talked about it a lot last week but it's finally in our hands. The mexico battery pack is here. And it's washed out on my display. But that's okay for those who are just listening. I am holding up to the camera. Apple's new mexico battery pack. This is one. I bought myself. They this this seems like something. they had. Ready to go minor. I've this one arrived wednesday. I already kind of love it But yeah max battery pack. And i wanted to show everybody so i still have the iphone twelve. Many here i wanted. Show everybody who's watching How this how this looks on an f. And he said here's the twelve many. Here's the battery. Pack just goes on as low iphone backpack so it does hang off the bottom. We'll no that's just me. It's just me it's suzanne era. That is more user error than anything else. Because it doesn't it doesn't like tightly grip onto the thing you can kind of like bit moves around a little second. You make it so it's definitely not hanging off the bottom. Okay so it it goes right up against the Okay so now. It looks even yeah right up against the camera module right right. It's right below on us. Okay gotcha yeah it just screams but it fits seems it does fed but it's thick it's thicker it's the and so one of the thing it but that's the one of the things that's interesting about it especially on the many. I don't find this as much on the it shirt. I mean adds a bunch of haft too many but it doesn't feel like it doesn't feel it's not super. The package isn't super heavy now. And it actually. It's it's it's still easy to grip might little more to hang on. I could see how like might make holding your phone here. Yeah yeah but it does feel that way This secure on the back. It's not you know the the the monk safe wallet with the wiggle and the it is feels more secure on the back in the mac safe while it like it like it doesn't i don't feel like it's gonna get chopped off when i put it in my pocket. That's that's for sure and i should. I guess that was the many this is on the twelfth pro so also the standard size iphone this is that still thicker obviously looks a lot more natural. It does look a little more natural. Yeah it's funny. It almost looks like a i. Guess the most silly on the iphone twelve many. But that's As we've we've kind of discussed a lot previously. Not that's probably the iphone that you would want for the most because it has the smallest bots or it does fit better than other brand that i have so you know that you can remove the i have the movie one but the mafia also has like three times as much juice. Is it plastic cry. Isn't it joe but is is really plastic. It's weird it feels co you mean outside here. Yeah yeah that you would see the faces the phone. It feels almost like a softer plastic right like a silicone. Almost like a like a hard silicone but almost a softer plastic. Do you know what i mean. Does it feel like the silicone case. No it doesn't feel. Like i mean the the back part that actually touches the phone does because that's what's there Because i assumed it would feel like you know the the tree cases old. I just assumed it. It'd be kind of silicon valley rubber. So i was really surprised when i i saw saw people when it was plastic. It definitely slides in and out of the pocket. Easier us good. Yeah anyone who's watching live if you have questions feel free to pop them in the comments. Truly what are the cause. Someone has already noted. Joe what charge times like in your experience. So they're like they're fairly slow. It's like you're on a five watt. Yep i've contractor five watts yeah However if you plug the if you plug the battery pack in and just kinda. Use it as maxine charter. It goes the full fifteen watts. Yeah did i let like your phone in. Well that's just it isn't it is you. Don't have to if you've got if you've already got your iphone on the battery and it's charging the battery and like you come home. You can just plug the battery and and it's already on a charter and in terms of capacity like what have you found with with usage like how much extra juice is it worth Because i've read like as low as like no. I didn't fifty percent. I won't charge any of the iphone. Twelve two full no well. So here's the thing from speaks on us a little. I'm going to speak on this little. Because part of iowa's fourteen point seven. That came out. I believe on. Monday was adding compatibility to the to the iphone. Twelve line for this battery. Pack now for those not watching. I am showing my screen on my iphone. Twelve many which is running iowa's fourteen point seven and then i'm putting the battery pack on does its little maximum thing and it also has a little readout for the battery. Pack itself now if you go into the phone and go to the battery which it see it'll properly show the battery griff and the batteries charged. However if i do the same thing on iowa fifteen point or fifteen beta three. Let's see if we can do this properly now. I only yet thinks it's a cable in fact if you go to the battery which it i don't have the big battery which it so i'll just pull it up in the widget picker go to the big witch it in that second entry looks at ups and it still shows the battery level but it shows it as a cable. So that is the sort of compatible. Andy does actually. It charges a device that isn't on iowa's fourteen point seven nine percent. Yeah i guess it will take a little bit more time in and testing and regular. And i'm sure they'll be you know software quirks kind of like you've said in in terms of capacity we have the review and from from christie live on. I'm all and i know. The thing she said was.

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