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It's someone who died from god alone. Let me just be in my own all i have. I'm so glad that turned out to be how vaping works yeah. You're right. You're right if if the vape community wasn't fucking oh smoking cigarettes or whatever everybody's the deserve deserve deserve for other reasons you could possibly get it's also new catholic robot cancer uh-huh growing. Your cell phones came out. We're going around so you still got your home phone nice home phone asshole and they just all have yeah which probably also coming we have no idea all all this technology and the way and all the he's fucking fucking shit this beaming through the fucking house. I was gonna say narvaez off having a cell phone probably not adding anything that you just walking constantly whatever that field as you're walking through a constantly please. Let's watch these white. Girls say slave should come back. Slavery is coming back and we'll wrap up after this <hes> real quickly plugs before you this. Let's get some plugs out of the way and then we'll watch this video and and the show nick bond plug my brother. I sell t shirts come dialup. I love the turn into a t-shirt love and do okay. What's the u._r._l. Is come dot town that circle. You bought that yeah i did. I knew i'd meet that guy eventually. Ah that's great that's great dave. You're doing more stuff with a jeff. You guys are torturing yeah. We got some gigs coming up. I think the next one i'm doing is in lancaster p._a. At the dutch oven dinner renamed something like that you know the reuss during cobbler bakery and we obama impact yeah and that's that's the next one but you can go to dave attell. What is it david. <hes> yeah whatever that is dave calm yeah. I'm sorry louis ever twentieth twentieth twenty-first with kurt metzger will be at zanies nashville club yeah. It's gonna be a lotta fun. Super excited about that. Lewis almost presents.

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