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Only way I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself was to do something completely different that nobody could compare it to the big thick. Right. So then this script came in and I read it, and I thought it was really fun. And funny, but I was like, if I'm going to do like an action comedy with guns and all this stuff. There has to be a reason for it to exist. Like it conscious be that it's an attaining. And so I actually talked to FOX a bunch about it and was like, hey, I think there's some underlying themes in this movie that I think we should really bring up to the surface that you don't normally see in, like a big action movie like this. That seems like such a guy movie toxic masculinity in men talking about their feeling exactly exactly. I was like, if we're doing a movie in twenty nineteen about anger dudes with guns. We have to talk about. That stupor has that none of the summer, blockbusters, certainly the studio blockbusters have are two leads like you. And Dave Petit STA. There is some really smart writing, I think baked into the banter between the two characters about race and about perception, especially when it comes to David Teesta, who not a lot of people know, is of Filipino heritage. Yeah. I think it's fantastic. I mean to like people of color as the leads of like a studio action comedy. You don't really see that, that often, you know, I mean, those bad boys, and I guess, rush hour but I think what's interesting about it is, so my character has has has raised racist stuff happened to him. But through the course of the whole movie he's trying to label other people to like the moment that happens where he's trying to explain to an Asian person with Uber is, and she's like, yeah. Dude. We know what Hoover is. So he's guilty of the same stuff that he's sort of victim of you are coming in the summer, and it's so rare to have a stew. Video movie. That is an original story come out between. What is a typical summer movie season. Do you think there's extra weight on a movie like stupor, given the way that the summer movie is lining up and how you find an audience amidst? All those big blockbusters. Oh, yeah. I mean it's terrifying. We're coming out a week after Spiderman far from home in a week before Lion King. I mean it could we have like one shot at it. So I mean, yeah, the, the big thick came out in the summer and that was very, very difficult. We actually went wide the same day that Spiderman homecoming came out, so I've battled Spiderman. We're all foes. The sense that certain movies theatre movies, and certain movies are not the movies. I think comedy's are theater movies, too. I think the shared experience of watching a movie with the community with people, you have nothing in common with it is kind of, like going to a place of worship. It's kind of like going.

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