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Is it good for her steve. The sales guy is at sixty seconds or no yeah. It was satisfied. Get much coming into a fucking read that drip the the buccaneers idiot fuck off that would say no this is still part of the ad or whatever the fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck in a you can get simplisafe. Who is it who is he anyway stephen check. He's the guy who's traffic on fucking plane traffic. I would say seems unnecessary. What do you mean take your fucking parents with you too nice guy or no i understand i have no fucking will steve burying them before the show and he's like shit on a police because i can't to reform that is not true at all. I read his email to you was that but when you do that you basically telling me to do this. I'm it just say. I'm giving you kidding. I'm sure he's fine. I'm just breaking this ball and by doing that sort of making sure that guy out there then sort of being nice walking right no not at all. I'm sure he's good. He seems like a nice guy. No guy he's always been nice to me all right good. He's a nice guy. He was sitting on albright's. Oh boy yeah apparently in two thousand sixteen. Ben albright put his draft preview and stevens said ho. I hate this game. <hes> <hes> is anybody sponsoring. Mike's transportation as we know that yet not today not not not fuck you mike now right. It's <hes> <hes> okay so here's fucking. Let's talk to mcafee can do it you there. No i'm not are you there. We got to loud and clear kirk gear and we'll be ready to start in a few minutes okay. This boy surgeon is video. This is just the voice oh that's cool good. What we're shitting. You're talking about for bats in order to prevent is no high john's kirkman kirkman hand. I'll be interviewing you today. I i do not time with what they are. It is i'm just i'm just curious because i'm trying to get take the temperature sure of the modern world now cravat is something that you've seen in movies many times especially the the <hes> aris aristocratic nick british gentleman <hes> instead of wearing a coat and tie okay they wear a coat with an open collared shirt and under the shirt is a special thing called a crevasse. Let's sort of like a scarf which is folded them in a way that it's a solid piece of material under the the the the ship is look it up anyway so janice now. We're talking about it. <hes> i'm gonna start me and want to start doing videos wearing a cravat bat time interests that looked to the world. You've decided a anyway okay recording. We're recording boarding <hes>. We were just recording your corvettes. That's okay <hes> we can just get going. It's okay to record anything that you like. Okay i just wanna make sure i need to ask cabanas because everyone is this show restricted in terms of a verbiage. I mean to me. I say you can say all. All the fuck you're on us is to pick the things like that. You are restraint. You can actually say you fucked pig while you're fucking a pig on this podcast. We allow everything there's no loss. Yes also unfortunately unfortunately <hes> and i wish you were otherwise. I do not have a pig prison ugly so we'll have to abandon the dan opportunities okay so i guess my first question to you is <hes>. Where are you physically right now if you can answer them tena. If you expect you expect me to answer that then you have neither kept up with we have we have a nor.

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