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You should have been flag what that women aren't good. Give hate as they think they are. Do aren't as good at fucking as we think we are. that. Somebody else said that they didn't get. What a thing is that most women? Do that probably have had a bills paid and you fucking up their. Their employment by saying that they're not good what you like to go to work and being and give snitched on by your supervisor. To supervisor. I'll put the matter. Matter. I! So thin line. Mouth talking about people you don't know. No? No, he knows. A DICK SECTOR LAP. Some are not as good as you say are, but I'm not rude about it I. Don't say anything right to your face. Just post online don't name names. That's really a bullshit reason to get like you've got I was. So I said that at like eight o'clock and then at two forty. It was like yeah, we this has been playing. That was so yeah. Waited a whole six hours I've had stuff where I've gotten bands. I've been twice so once I what it was you when you fucking threaten me to. You report me it. You remember that picture that you took a let me see if I can fuck him. Find It. You did something. Don't you? Blame the White Man. You, got it. So? I got banned years ago for something I had posted years before, and they had just implemented a system where they were able to scan all the images, and I had a Meema that like three years after I posted that got me, and so I got a one day ban, and the next time was like a few months later right before the twenty eighteen election's I said I, said something I used I said Jews but I said in a historical context, and they took me out for thirty days beyond the election. They were not play in with me. They're relying. You're a libertarian needed to get of here. So the next, the next one's a thirty day. You'll get a thirty day. So. My first one was march sixth. I don't remember what that was four and then June twenty seven to twenty nine, and then the fifteenth. You've got somebody reporting. Oh Yeah, absolutely! Yeah, so the very first thing on here was. Jokingly, doing it in the group like when we first started doing. Remember I think you'll like I'm GONNA report you for hate speech. I guess they took that seriously. Oh, and maybe they're following. So L. Well, so I found out that he was banned and I knew how long has banned was and I got in the group and I said Dionne has. Eight hours to respond to this quiz mind. Out it and he didn't, so she's mine. No, I did respond now I. You said Twelve and the you cut it to four and I responded within the four hours. because. He was on facebook jail. I literally got out like an hour before. Dame it. I'm surprised people don't flag me. Get Show ass can't get you banned. They can ban you for anything like and it just depends on how you say I think we've got. His. My is like three months. Four months left until the election and they're going to be so so so tight on all these that they removed a lot of. Crazy ship out people go out and make those pages. Drunk. They just removed the sheet tunnels they they don't even have so. When you do get flagged, you can challenge it. But when you challenge it, they're like Oh dude covert nineteen. We don't have as many people so they just they like. We're not gonNA. Take they just. You, don't get to UN. On be banned, I guess India because they don't have enough people working. Yeah, but they're taking no chances. They'll take everybody down for anything on Facebook, because I don't WanNa, get blamed. NOT, only! He just lost a lot of fucking. Is Money remember a couple months ago? Who was that left him? Everybody left his ass because he wouldn't. All of that trump ship and that racist. She go on facebook Coburg soccer. Yeah, he. was seven billion. Dollars Worth Advertising One day. Yeah, so I don't envy their task. Because if you watch Jack Dorsey from twitter on Rogan, you get a better person for like the scope of what they're dealing with, and there away small like three hundred people at twitter, and there's like billions of people that use this shit, but like facebook has literally like two point five three billion people on it like that's I can't even imagine like I run a couple websites. Over my head like imagine having two point five billion years half the planet uses your Shit, and like it's just an impossible task to expect them to predict what is going to be outrageous months for now. You know like their stuff that you can. You can probably guests that like. Okay. These foreign actors are coming in from Russia to do this thing, and they say these things like some of that's probably predictable, but like. I I somewhat give them a pass because it's just like the task of managing these social media companies. If you're the CEO probably technically is just incredibly difficult. I mean that there's there's security division is huge and the the content people have to be. Probably the second largest, yeah, just a filter through all that bullshit like that's a monumental. To. Have you ever read the stories? So there's all these stories from like facebook like facebook twitter Youtube specially more than any of them. The people that go and review the shit so like you. That's automated, but then you request to review in a person looks at that and so. These people who work in the Review Department that look at the stuff all day long developed PTSD after like a couple weeks, just because of the horrific shit, people say that they see an images or videos on youtube on facebook like if you're one of those reviewers like. Horrible the Shit. That's on there that people see. My brother follows a instagram channel like. Just to most disgusting like animals fucking up other animals like faces of death. Do you remember that like that? So I saw the that white terrorist down in was either Australia New Zealand who went in the mosque and yeah. I've seen that video. Yeah I saw. That was just fucking. Why would you WanNa Watch that I saw it on Instagram, and it was down about two hours later because people reported it, but like somebody has to watch that video of people getting killed so like I'm sorry like the mean tweet. They don't really give that much of a shit about so, which is why like it's Sorta, so it's like when you know that everybody's watching you before the election because you're blamed for trump getting elected for some odd reason. Instead of Hillary, being a candidate. Like they're gonNA. Just go over time like there's GonNa. Anything, we'll take you down. We don't need you on here. He had lose back hair when he lost their seven billion dollars in one day. That stuff comes back though like they do as do for the press, but then like after everybody moves on and forgets they all. Go back and start advertising again. And that's why so important to hold these people accountable. That's why it's so important. You say you spend your money. It's like. If, you're really against that Shit, then you have to be vigilant until you. Ain't never seen nobody vision about their money then fucking around really..

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