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But if you feel that way, you know, if that's your perspective, and it's understandable. You feel like, you know, the department of the fence pretty fucked you over I'll enough one of my key features with training is he who has lose. Right. So the first this with the most I is what the post is. You know, the ideas, you know, we we train ourselves to hesitate and to second guess, and how many people in the streets or anywhere else. Are 'fraid to make that decision. And that I mean a fight. Does it take ten or twenty seconds to call? It happens in less than a second. And so your mind has to be programmed to react when when it's time to react, you know, you gotta know the difference when you feel that fear and what to do with it. And that's a big part of all of this training. You see that law enforcement, especially. The opportunity lately training with police and. You know, this whole day, you know, this graduated with sponsored thing to have to go through, you know, escalate force what when you when you follow that, you know that philosophy. You're all you as good guy are always what's behind the bad guy. 'cause you reactive proactive. Right. So if you go to your taser he's already though. And your your way you're trying to catch blocks guy. And it's always for you. It's a it's a process of trying to utilize where three of the process to dominate the entire time. So there's a big disparity in you know, and. The approach get so it when he finally go lethal EMMY that guy's already gone lethal air, K it. So you know, you hear this guy he with the rock, right? So while you know, if you're listening to people on social media like your. Your call the pussy because guy had arrived yet shoot a given. Both watch big killed with one punch. Okay. The first tough made conscious. I fought it do one plex put my quick he was out dead gone. You know, not the first time I've seen this have to second guy. So, you know, do you wait Teague hit the rock and head detailed or do you? Wait till you get punched the killed or do you? Do you look at a guy that guy posted a threat posing a threat respective of size. Look, we watched Judy hundred ten pound chick taking down two hundred pounds, putting Liebeck put tears is man, you know, little man, a little woman can hurt you just the same, you know, whether the longer not. So a lot of that discretion it's been taken away. What we try to do society to do and the military tries to it tries to do it. They try to give you a date. Basic metrics to work off of okay? Here's a graduated response. It looks like this. This guy calls you bad names. You know, what I'm saying that this guy takes a swing at you. You try to defend yourself by subduing him. You know, this guy pulls a knife you pull a changer. He pulled a gun you pull a taser knows just like want. You know, it's always putting good guides at a disadvantage with guys like this guy Mexicali decides that now it just time ago lethal right out the back. He's condemned for now, we're never gonna win. No never gonna change for as long as manners alive will always have these issues. You know, it comes right down to the guy about field, man. You know when you make that decision. You know, you gotta live with the consequences. They may not work out the way, they can spend a workout or spoke to work out. You You know? know, my situation got right? Come back and get rolled up the airport, you know, probably next. Prod, cat Skype from my jail federal. But you know, it never works out the way think it's gonna work out. If people, you know, nobody's got your best interests in mind at the end of day persecution about you, really you date. That's what it comes down to. There's no jugs out there. Nobody else is. I'm convinced give two shits about one person in this big universe. Man. You're you know, you're dispensable. No matter what advice says so did today that human being manned. You gotta take yourself out for yourself. I tell you what I'm like with Jim juke said, you know. Fight. I with you know. I will swing..

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