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Tom brady is the world's grazed american michael you think yet like i do or you think the tom brady is the devil and you just want to see them get crushed and in a year that we had another star wars movie you need the evil empire and that is what they are that's where there are specially of minnesota see i wouldn't the ultimate maja be knowing the minnesota because you'd have the story line minnesota be in the first home team in the in the super bowl minnesota would be just a rocking place to be all week and all of minnesota all that building that day all of america be rooting for minnesota and rooting against the patriots to be perfect now you give me jacksonville philadelphia i hope i wanna watch i mean i will watch baranov i want to write you'll be forced to i'll make it out of a make sure i'm at a good super bowl party riot get wasted oh and uh i and i'm one hundred percent with you nobody wants to see that suitable it in the minnesota vikings it i mean obviously they be the first i think it's the first super bowl team in history to play the super bowl in their home stadium there were opportunities but nobody has managed that remember the rams back in the day against the steelers they played in in at impasse denied the rose bowl um because their home stadium was the call was the calcium or is anaheim stadium uh back in the day but they played up the street the rose bowl but it wasn't in their home stadium so i mean it would be it would be a phenomenal that's the best story line mike and let's face it the bus story line makes up for the best hype doesn't necessarily make the best super bowl but it makes up for the best hype and in that will really all about pipe and things afghan aware at absa especially you and i will be out there for the week so we need is much to be able hype up as possible in jacksonville philly so let act.

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