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Three total constitutional independence Avenue in the downtown bridges remain open for him Rick McClure WTOP traffic thank you very much last night it was a dark and stormy night today it is the heat that everybody is complaining about the Samarth it or they would really like some of that rain right now I know I bet they would but if it was going to have to be very powerful I'll tell you that much right now we are in the clear as far as that severe thunderstorm warning that was issued for central spots living in that's expired but we're still seeing some very heavy rain cross over ninety five just outside of Fredericksburg moving into Bowling Green in port royal as for the rest of us things are pretty quiet until you get a Culpeper county Culpeper county start as you shower developed there could be a storm developing as well after sunset that we should start to see the risk really diminishing overnight dry temperatures in the sixties watch her shower actually in the early morning hours into southern Maryland for the rest of us were Dr tomorrow highs will be in the low eighties Monday low eighties mostly sunny Tuesday upper eighties planes sunshine Wednesday chance for more clouds roll through high temperatures close to ninety right now in DC ninety degrees Leesburg eighty six Largo eighty four so far thank you very much it is eighty five degrees outside our studios brought you by Len the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week seven twenty one testers pouring into Washington today many chanting is you can hear and no justice no peace day nine of the protest in DC in DC police saying the largest since George Florida died in Minneapolis in police custody Ken Duffy joins us now live via Skype and can these protests usually diminish as the days where on but these appear to be growing I don't know why you guys talk about the weather I think it's actually improved significantly down here the humidity is dropped I mean I know Doug Kammerer I know that the humidity is dropping its still in the high eighties but it is certainly picking up down here because it is cooling off so there are still a lot of people now walk down back to Lafayette park sixty that H. three huge crowds down here you can hear behind me the music is bomb and people dancing and singing and chanting all day long here but now that things are cooling down things may start to ramp up as the as.

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