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Two that porsche. Division and porsche would then form joint venture with rimec in which rimec would have fifty five percent of byu gatti's hsieh's in comparison porsche controlling forty five percent however the porsche stake in rimec was increased in march. They now own twenty four percent so you is a quarter owned already by vw. Well by through the porsche. Subsiduary and that will remain unaffected. So if i've read this right byu gatty will be owned by a joint venture company separate company fifty five percent rimac twenty at forty five percents porsche and then they will still be the rim at company making these amazing supercars like the navarra of which porsche will also be a twenty four percent. Stakeholder volkswagen's soon to decide on the future of their luxury brand begetting oliver blum who's volkswagen's management board member and ceo of porsche said today now porsche is boss. Oliver bloom early vitiates. There were intense discussions. On what the heck do we do with gatty. Well however you say that in german and those discussions were ongoing but at the time earlier this year roommate was described as being a good technological fits adding the decision will be made in the first half of the year. Well whereabout three days away from the first half of the year being over. Watch this space links to electricity. Msn dot com in the show notes. If you'd like to read more that's mega story right because rematch with the best one in the world. They've doubled their workforce over the last few years from five hundred to one thousand you know. They're not the biggest car company in the well. They've launched the navarro. Which is the new name for the sea on the school to only the second vehicle they've made and again those are vehicles which they don't even keep themselves so they don't have you know a fancy showroom in mata he's like well i'm keeping them zero zero one and that's my because they don't have the money they need to sell all of the 'cause they can make keeping any back for themselves to put up you know in a museum so it's still company the is yes making multi million dollar hyper-cars. Yes doing incredible things with technology and not taking any of that white but still a very small company so i would say in this instance Punching above their weight. I don't say if i can be on between you. And i and i probably wouldn't say if i've always in the same room as the boss of vw grape man. I'm just so pleased that vw didn't just get the checkbook out and byron. I'm so pleased that didn't happen because you get the feeling that they've done. Multi has done what he's done with that company because they've been able to and you know being kind as i can be to all mega-corporations they both move slowly and also the people wanna get fired and so then it have as much entrepreneurial spirit you know pete. Nobody speaks so man. I'm pleased that vw. Just die. We'll we'll buy rack and let them run your gatty site. That's let them stand alone. Let them do that thing. But interestingly let them then run beauty because all come are going to have to go. Ev at some point. It's just wendy do it. Like ferrari lamborghini maserati names. That are so linked. The sound of their petrol engines are going to have to go full electric they. It's not in question. So when do they do that when you gase go. All electric and what kind of began gets made with rimec in judge. I would say a really really good one all right. Let's move on. Let's talk about a massive battery. Going live in the uk this to me by listening to fill alan email this to hello at avenues. Daily dot com a new giant battery storage system for recharging vs going live in today. Creating a blueprint for other towns and cities go net zero the fifty megawatts. Our lithium ion battery is directly connected to the uk's high-voltage transmission network which is run by national grid and recent guests of this podcast on saturday. Last week's special was indeed graham cooper from the national grid. Now there is an eight kilometer private wire delivering power from the battery to ev charging locations that gets distributed around the city of oxford including the uk's largest public challenging hub that has up to ten megawatts of power on site that features thirty eight ultra rapid charging stations and fast charging stations delivering the energy to av drivers. Night and day. It's oxford's park and ride and it opens later this year. Fast ned installing ten charges at the hub. They are going to be three hundred. Kilowatts the really fast high-powered charges. So unless you own a audi each. Gt or an ionic. Five or six sleigh off of those ones because your car can charge on a slower one but those cars need the false charges. Matt allen is the ceo of pivot power. The company behind this power is an etf company now and they are doing. I think pivot power that talk about that charging house. They want to build some of the most interesting and also to do with mega battery. Storage projects was interesting. Things thinking outside the box in this country They have led the one million pound government backed scheme and matt said quote. This is the first grid scale battery to directly connect to the transmission network of the uk and represents a key milestone for the completion of the energy super hub in oxford our mission to accelerate the uk to net zero planning forty similar sites around the country and quite goes back now by that parent company. If you wouldn't bet against them. I'll pop linked to fleets europe where i got that story from if you would like to read more about the oxford super hob i'd also edf renewables ownership of pivot. Pal you can find them. Pivot dash power dot co dot uk. Okay let's talk about what they're doing in oxford. The park and ride provides fifty points catering for range. Visa speeds visitors can charge in minutes if they need to stay with their vehicle or going into work for the day or shopping. In the city they can charge on a much slower level to charger. It says a connection to the national grid high voltage network with the hybrid battery storage system as maury vs hit the road. We need more battery storage but more energy generation but also more choice of to charge. And that's a that's a public education job like a little podcast to try and teach people about issues. But you can do that as well as you make. People who may be buying electric car one day or your neighbor bison eva and you know you can have those conversations about how when where and to charge. And if you're leaving your car for hours on end sticky on a seven kilowatt post. And i think i i told you. The story on the podcast. Last week i went to an insult. Georgia may here. Which is fifty kilowatt fast charger and there was a renos zoe on it which was full zoe. So is one of the ccs plug obviously because they panicled plugs. Those instable units. Do i say something to the owner of zoe. Dude you're nine thousand nine percent and you're blocking dc fast charging now. I didn't need the charge because it was local to me if someone was driving through dorset and they needed that charger stuffed. There's a guy nine thousand nine percent left is gone. He was on a night where he was like left the car huge education job. And that's the responsibility so many levels all right moving on. Let's talk about tesla's full. Self-driving beater. I don't talk about it. A lot on this podcast. Because you know. There're people who are big fans of elon musk's promises and there are people.

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