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Will you tell me. So what were you. What were you. Let me throw some throw. Throw some stuff at you. Tell me if you are allowed to give me your honest opinions okay. I would say the all time. Favorite is dr 'nigma 's serum number one who dr. Nick say like this was something i discover. It's a shanty. Darden is a big proponent of and molly sims and i've just fallen down a lot of their rabbit holes and and chase fm and it's basically just hyler onic acid serum but. It's the most enjoyable one. I have ever used. But it really. How nick leave. Skin-care his a naturopathic doctor. And this was a molly sims recommendation. I think so i. i believe that. She credited Some for doing this to the serum Anyway so that was one the other one. I'm sure you're familiar with. The skin suit articles the different vitamins. Dave i'm suicide. Fuck jergens at some point about. I promise we will move off this but yeah and the florida. What are your thoughts on those. It works for a lot of people like some people swear by it. I like powdered vitamin c. Sarum because Sorry powder vitamin c. Because i guess again. According to our lord paula goon Anything vitamin c. Can't like the minute hits water it starts oxidise or like you know. Hits air starts oxidized so the only way to really get the efficacy of actual vitamin c. On your skin is to use a powder it to your moisturizer attitude serum and then apply that. So there's one that's by. This company called the new company. And you e that is like you. Shake a few shakes of this vitamin c. You can add a powder you can add it to anything like your moisturizer or your onic. Acid perfect to add this to. And then you add you pump it on and actually mandate chantal bacon. She's the founder of moon juice. who was famously. He's lampooned in that video where she describes her routine. And yeah yeah But she was telling us. I was asking like she has a line of products at sephora. They're all natural. No you as close to organic is they can get what. I don't even think we were recording. I was like what do you make that actually like really that. You notice a difference like you do this. You use this thing and like your face. Looks different and she said it was. She has a higher onic. Acid serum called like the pumping jelly. And you add a few shakes of vitamin c powder and you put it on your face like slather all over like a mask and within five seconds your skin drinks it up this. Oh sorry you're supposed to be wet like dripping wet. Oh juicing hearing when you slather your face with this pumping jelly mixed with a little bit of vitamin c powder. Five seconds later your skin drinks it up and like she actually like said that she you know her skin just looks less dry looks plumper. Looks like more refreshed and i. It is pretty amazing. There's really no reason that. The skin suit goals vitamin c Things need to cost one hundred sixty six dollars. No no no. But i will say this that you know the brand the ordinary. Yep so they i like wanted. I really really wanted to love that brand. Because it's cheap and you can get heilige acid or any b. o. j. They you can buy. You can be a chemist right with and it's like five dollars for a like a big thing of the serum and then you try that higher acid and it's like sticky and it doesn't absorb with and you compare it to like our friend dr 'nigma and it's like a completely different product like glides nicer it absorbs in so like there obviously is something like to the the price of of the product but on but to a certain extent yes i was like over one hundred dollars like israel. You're not the you can get. You can find a good thing under one hundred dollars now. This is not skin. But what are your feelings on. Pros i my husband uses it. Okay high email yet. You go ahead well you. It's a mail order hair product you can take like a survey survey. Yeah yeah yeah and Yeah i got it off a instagram. And and the one thing that i know i've been using month and the the one thing i'm certain of is that it is very very expensive but i don't know if it's actually doing anything or or whether it just makes me feel good to use a product that has my name on it gave has icon of care that he's hiding underneath the hat foolishly. No i mean..

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