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You know, there's still matching that on the news a lot at the Hollywood park, you know, Hollywood park, you know. You know, people know where Hollywood park is. Of course, I guess they're using that for now. People kind of know where the stadium is. It's about Hollywood for Wally. You know, while he was coming back from Hollywood park going down century boulevard, not century, Manchester there, and he stop and get gas. You know, and it's not the best of areas there. And he so he gets out of the car. He puts his wallet up on the on the gas pump. And of course, somebody comes in Leipzig way, you know, and such running, and I'm not gonna say the color of the guy, but he was fast and the wall he's while he's trying to chase them. And what's what are you gonna do? You know, he's six three, but he starts chasing him. And then there is this backfire of this car and while he stops on a dime. And he starts feeling. He thought he was shot. That's hilarious. I mean, it's just crazy that guy there is. He was and what a good horseman was. He's done some funny. Funny stuff. Well, he he always did feel like like nothing was ever going to happen to them. You know, he he always that kind of attitudes of. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, I'd miss Hollywood park. Great great days over there. Yeah. We went a lot of races there too. We want some. I it wasn't a meeting that I pointed for I'll tell you the one thing that that I always remembered Hollywood park for was. I had won six races one week, which which was I think that's the only time in my life. Everyone six races in a week. And this guy shows up at my office. And he says are you dude feld? And I said, yeah. Hi, I'm Mike house. And I said, oh, you're the guy with the happy face on his silks and. And he goes yet. How how did you know that I said well, everybody knows the happy face looks. I mean, you know, and he says he says looking for any customers. And and I said, yeah, I said, but isn't isn't what was Dale Dale? God mechanize assistant. What's his? Yeah. Dance dance. Dad what dance last night Landers? Danny lynn. Yeah. Deal. I said isn't deal enters your trainer, and he goes. Yeah. He says Dale says he's getting older, and he doesn't want to go to or and I live in del mar. And I need a trainer that's going to be down there. Because that's where my home is. And I like to bring the kids to the track in Bubba. So I said, that's fine. I said did you tell Dale Dale knows he's fine with it. You know, he's he's just not going. I'm going to still have horses with Dale and this and that so I said, well, that'd be great. He says, well, I got a check for twenty five thousand put it in the office, and I'll make you authorized agent, and when you see something claim some so that turned into you know, what's been like a thirty year relationship with Mr. house who arenas form here in Kentucky. And all that. And the first first we claim the horse named plenty conscious. He won. He wanted a bunch of racists for us over one hundred thousand dollars in in set a track record at Hollywood park. And that that's that's my best Hollywood park story. He I remember, I always followed. You course, 'cause we were friends, you know, and and man I just love watching your horses win off. And you had some good ones. Very fortunate. I was lucky to have some decent horses. If you ever tell our did you ever tell your your fans that there?.

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