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Have to leave your house. Best buy. Let's talk about what's possible didn't talk. It's my son's birthday was Christmas Eve wherever you want to go for his birthday dinner. Mr. odds Doron's, I've never seen the kid eat so much. He's tall, which I don't really get that from I wonder, and he's skinny which I also wonder anyway, so he eats the fried rice. He gets the shrimp eats the the noodles that come with the garlic noodles. Kid doesn't eat. Soupy actually had soup. Eight is the super Mr. Ron's great Japanese steakhouse oracle Russo. What I'm telling you is that it's a great place for family. It's a great place for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, a couples date. It's a great time to go out the tables. It's what Ryan we says we're dinner is the shell fantastic tomorrow night. Of course is the Kansas teak fended happy hour higher bear goes from four until eight tomorrow. Two dollar beers from five to six specials on sushi. You can even have tip on food brought to your area in the bar or the patio where there's a great great beautiful firepit heaters. It's just it's gray oracle and rudisel. You can't beat it. Well of our beer clipper manage can be when the state of the union has been announced the date yet. It'll be on a Monday. We'll do it. Go. Enjoy yourself tomorrow. Whenever you want. Mr. Ron's phenomenal menu. Find out more Mr. on Tuesday dot com. All right one hour down past this hour of my life. I'm Bruce in for Garrett. As we break down belies..

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