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Laurie Grandi, We get crashes all over the place right now, Jeff, people just slipping off the road. Lots of spinouts out there. Then the expressway North found that is completely closed off still between the furnace for Parkway and Adams Street, all due to an earlier jackknife tractor trailer. They've been trying to clear out of there and you can see it from the other side of the roadway. So we're seeing big delays on the expressway south on Granted after the Furnace Brook Parkway with curiosity delays there. Also now another jackknife tractor trailer has the right and center lanes closed. This is in rain hammer 24 south on at 4. 95 Expect delays there. Traffic continues to be slow going as well in Littleton, with the crash clearing north bound for one of the five that route to a the car Now in the breakdown lane and a travel ban continues for tractor trailers and tandem trailers right now, until nine o'clock, the whole stretch of the mass pike. For everybody else. You have to drive 40 MPH the entire way between New York and Boston. Also, the speed limits have been reduced on our New Hampshire and Maine nature states as well. So that's how the state police are trying to keep you safe. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three. It's dangerous here in much of Massachusetts, and a winter storm warning is in effect for several more hours. Let's check the four day WBZ. AccuWeather forecast and meteorologist Dean Divorce. If we're about half time, I think for the storm in terms of its duration, we still got the morning commute and into about lunchtime to go until we start to see this storm kind of wind down a bit. You can start to clean up without having to redo. But in some places you may want to keep ahead of things. We are still looking at around a flood city and Inland suburbs with his lunches. 12 18, is you something now North and west less to the South and east. I do think it goes over to snow where it's raining on the coast in the Cape, and those areas could see some snow showers tonight into tomorrow morning. We'll keep you up to date as we go through the morning on WBZ Boston's news rating. We are,.

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