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Look at me. He was kinda like Weasley sky looking away, as or make contact with minutes has been who did it right there. And I looked at Aurora and she wouldn't look at me, and I was like, okay assay. I get it. So the not just a discount my torch. And when I go over at tournament, a speech, Emma speech was actually. More lengthy, and it was more pitiful than they showed on TV than arm. I was apologizing. Ron, I love you buddy just is just a game and then a turn to Victoria, and Lauren in say between Lauren as which no I'm so sorry can be offered for the level visit 'cause I know how much your bothers need you an onslaught apologize for that. And they burst out laughing and they said, that's not why we voted you out. We have other reasons for new out and they burst out cackling laughing, and it was like it was really kind of mean an and were dog said, no we're dogs, a tough guy, he's on his in the joy watching he said, even made him feel bad, because he made emotional to say how sad. I'll look when they're sitting there laughing at me, and so that is turned in. Jeff's, snuffed my torch than it did not just left. And I was just like the lowest of low and just like Rick said, once you walk down that plank and you realize how horrible it feels because I wasn't walking on the point myself as walking on the plank with my students Ma family, my friends, everybody who knew. Devastated that moment and you just feel so horrible. What you realize that all those years of watches Obama, I'll say, why can't wait to vote people out. I can't wait to blonde south people once you see how it feels and how it hurts. People is a totally different perspective in auto played the game differently knowing how bad it felt horrible. What would you have done differently, like how would you have played differently now that you've had the experience when you saw confessionals analysis like being like I was taking so much. Pleasure out of lying in misleading people think, out of Texas, as much pleasure from that. And I think I would have tried to play a more loyal game and I wouldn't have lied to somebody. I mean I would have lied because is necessary at times. But I don't think I would have relished the moment so much. And I think I would try to stay more loyal to people could go back in time, I would have worked with Rick ricochet. I realize now was really generally trying to be loyal. To me. Nothing could've gone that route out of taking it as opposed to being a little bit illness. All right to you.

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