John Djalmir, Germany, Seventy Yards discussed on Tim Constantine's Capitol Hill Show


All go in mind we can end and they start off but nominal show john djalmir amazing fits right and i was very impressed by that and like they're doing all they hits to it was it was phenomenal this is not stop and i look over and we'll see you got like everyone else the standing up and you too are sitting down and we'll like well that's odd and again this is good right you're like i'll be right back i have to go to the bathroom limited does a they have like a little intermission that which is probably an hour and a half into the show and you came up your well gotta go germany has more the the second ports better than the first port didn't matter had to go gas adds ago and it's funny because he said before you kind you went through a restaurant or bar whenever had some the navy drinker to get more john getting ready for this show excited a little bit i was doing the same thing i was at a bar i against seventy yards record today you into a nice place though who's actually really nice you'll go a swanky restaurant before dichio as uh a hapless place at me i never heard of it but apparently what its half his artana wallis nearby no it's not have this three now it's just happens so tapa no even heard of that i'm not quite sure what it is basically it's a fancy way insane you're gonna get crappy portions of the tiny portion play that nothing in your reads me more it's a it's happens park is made for chicks you know that has won its bayonnet is they just give you an a moves boos the health that moves boos john moves booth yes hell is to watch top i think that's the bite size of every little that is called it a moves boos villa in and she's a gun this is great because they give you a little everything because you don't want to fill up on something that you want to get a little like no one at less than a little known fact with me bowed is very important and i want to order something when i make something went out to eat wherever i am and i get a weight of something i want that all for myself not they'll have being stingy i'll buy you're all old white and i don't care if you have won by the row the rest of the way i.

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