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Repeat it aside lines we won't be repeating yes a science fiction no more pets is now a real thing now we have here a somebody from the what is it beaten in labs describing this this very process john we do right here i promise he will have a hard time i bring their brain around and it is really a real technology that it's not science fiction the dog that you're going to clone it's not going to be a frankenstein isshin said normal dog like any other doggy never know by looking at him that he's a clunker but what's the point of this if you like black labs another black lab is gonna look so much like the black lab my name is unique right i think as people were software for people with so if you are buying pure breed dogs yes but if you get some sort of kind of lovable mixture from up from a pound you can't go get another replicate of that that an interesting point now this is very much not econsumer great thing it cost about fifty grand salt so we're rich software it is still the very early the technology skin samples while they are out for like a dental cuiaba just had to take these thing they ship them off the labs these skin samples can be taken at pretty needing vet lab in america not all of them are doing your grandma less holy shit zoo sowa ahead reminds me maybe raft christmas time i'm going to present nap maybe you're on christmas time i'll retail the the dog for story armstrong and getty anatoly nears it'll be new the most people here you know what everybody fix yourself a comeback nagami jim dissent sean now you may have missed this but this past weekend was the international flagbearer through this conference now this was so now.

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