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Brought up measles on my last podcast. And I just want to just break down a couple of things that we should be reminding everyone, of course, children should get to live attenuated vaccines. If you kids have had those vaccines and they've been available since the nineties, essentially, you're fine prior to that seventies and eighties. You probably ought to have the immunity documented with a blood test. If that's sort of a you talk to your doctor about that. If you were born seventies sixties late fifties. You really must get your immunity documented with a blood test. I personally was born in that fifty seven to sixty three window when we didn't get adequate the kind of XI's really wasn't designed to last a lifespan release. It hasn't turned out that way. So I. Retook the vaccine three days ago, and I may get a second ones on the healthcare provider healthcare providers supposed to get to vaccines. He and any question will get the vaccine, it's harmless. It doesn't hurt obviously pregnant women to be careful people on steroids immune diseases, those things talk to your doctor, no matter what talk to your physician, but we need to be vaccinated because although people can look at these outbreaks that were having recently and say, oh, just five cases. Just twenty cases. It's localized. Yes. An outbreak is defined by a change in the distribution of disease in location, and temporarily mean all of a sudden change in one location over its specified period of time. Could be three cases could be five cases could be five thousand cases. It's the change that we jump on outta democ. It's an outbreak. Measles is so contagious. You literally somewhat means can walk through the produce department of the grocery store, you could walk through a couple of hours later, you will get it. You will get it. If you're not properly immunized by greatest fear is that's gonna get into the homeless popular. Action. If it does this is going to be a massive massive problem and as the viral load in the community rises, even people with partial immunity will not be able to keep off this disease..

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