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Of new jersey one at one point five fifty one them men's doyle duncan strange who combinations things you've tried maybe somebody came over the concoction maybe you just didn't have anything left in the refrigerator so he slept altogether voting a thumbs up her thumbs down sean in edgewater you're on new jersey one a one point five hey guys how you doing love the show thanks on of the show thank you i actually like the last caller uh my family had something relatively similar to an although we we were cubit so it it's a bit of a spinoff on that instead of key it will expresso mixed with chocolate milk they added salt and sugar to it he did it up we did the fall team crackers and the peanut butter in it and you put it into a glass and just eat it at cross stop at daewoo may bring my car life i beneath it coffee peanut butter and crackers oh yeah yeah you give the coffee actually when you mix it with the uh the the chocolate milk it actually paper did like bader so they you we think it wouldn't pay fuel but it would actually really good one just use butter them well we thought about that and i tried that if you talk with a problem it is it just got to oily then he would ruin the cracker i though is i believe that a thumbs signed i would i would try oh you whoa oh she i'm sorry i'm given that a thumbsdown coffee boom aside strip that would be a tougher liano from deptford you're in new jersey point five i may i think that the weird i don't think it may have been everyone else weird that a yet but i.

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