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14 88 another accident there with two lanes currently blocked tie holding the ktrh Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour Traffic center Dry weather building in here for the end of the weekend into the start of our week, decreasing clouds force here tonight. Areas of fog laid up for 40 this morning fog Sunday that will break up and lift to a mix of clouds and sun mid sixties in the afternoon. Makes the clouds and sunshine middle to upper sixties both Monday and Tuesday. I'm meteorologist Ken Boon from the Weather Channel 59 of the D. N a motto leasing dot com Ktrh 24 Hour Weather Center Ktrh News time was 7 31. Our top story. A new warning came from the CDC today regarding possible allergic reactions to either cove. It 19 vaccination. It now recommends that if you have had a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine or other injectable check and see if the same ingredient is in both your previous injection and the covert 19 vaccination that you may want to take, according to the CDC. This means if you have an allergic reaction to stimuli that are not related to vaccines, you know, like food or pets or latex. You still may get vaccinated. The Trump Administration responds to a cyber attack directed against the U. S box reports that there are still unknown implications. News on demand that ktrh dot com I'm Sally Adams on Houston's news, weather and Traffic station. Use radio 7 40 ktrh. This year. We've seen a lot of firsts,.

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