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So this is a the seven men in this match early on a lot who black yo are they going to add a new pod to these structure but how will work is now three people are going to start the match off instead of two people it always forgot the mechanics of the match for both of them nation chambers is that every four minutes or is every two minutes apart opens up on at dates everything's ninety six and then i think is every weight amit five convenient orlando because they it may be two minutes a think five is to where they normally do its is four pies into people who struck the match here so when he minutes that way woke in i don't know if he's changed because they usually elimination chamber goes about an hour um and they have they have tweaked it you know we now do they have to elimination chamber matches that that message with a link to of of stuff on our on time you're i'm as long as the shor card light the ongoing really what five matches on on the pig of uh so kazys matches of both gonna probably go like 40 minutes thirty minutes each so i also it's like wwe minutes to right like they're not actual minutes it's story line minutes like this pod needs open up at this moment for storyline purposes bureau rubble like it's not actually ninety seconds it's like to lighten nagging marvel seconds in play barber's cap humby damn seconds ticked down forever their faster than that it's like go go run out there um what your the case like what are we got seven boys in here um the the thing that we've been rumored since last year is that a roman rate is going to face brock lessner for the championship ira samania and seeing how this is a number ones contenders match the seems to be the last stop or last storylines stop before we start all our russ immediate storylines proper so here's roman being coordinated a court coordination excuse me for the third time correct yeah.

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