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So you go and you play stadiums my question is always it's got a cost a lot of money to rent a stadium to practice in right don't you have to rehearse stadium we do leg what we'll do is we'll go we're we're rehearsing and in nashville until brought up before the titan stadium no we're we're big indoor facility we won't do the whole we won't put up the whole stadium set up in that facility but what will do after the gms we go to tampa and we're there for a solid week rehearsing in their football stadium so we have the majority of it put together and the bits and pieces and the blueprint but you really don't know what you have until you put it all up and work on it so that's what we'll be doing and then we're we're there tuesday wednesday thursday rehearsing all day in putting messed up together during the day and night will actually run through the show because you you got to wait till it's dark to do all your light stuff and then i think friday night we give the thomas rhett is going to go out with us on the stadium runs and he's going to have the friday not to do all his stuff and then next thing you know we wake up and his saturday and it's it showed iran on all those nights using the stadium right yes mine that crazy costs doing business bobby.

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