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Yeah. I think so a private plane. Yeah. Oh my God. I know the answer this one biggest party animal, Debbie monopolist. I don't know the most competitive little straw competitive. Oh my gosh. Yeah. She was right. And the other lawyer the current lawyers pretty competitive also. Yeah, she's not competitive with me though. No. But just jet engine. Oh, you mean in general competitive in January, all our? Yeah. We're all competitive with otherwise we wouldn't be where we are fair enough. All right last one. All right. The most likely to run for president of all the coast. Whoopie? Yeah. I think so. Yeah. What be what be run like that? What was the most impactful moment for you on the view in twenty? When I got fired the day was fired about that. It was like a great day. I I mean, they came to. I was sick of it sick to my stomach of this show up t here's my mother would say, and I couldn't quit 'cause you know, when the checks coming in it's hard to quit. Yeah. It's like they call the golden handcuffs. So when you walked out that you ever imagine coming back. No. We thought it was done over. No. So Bill Getty and Randy Baroni who was in America. Randy, man. And and they looked like somebody died, you know. So when someone approaches me like that, and they never come into my sets. What am I getting fired? When I said, they said, well, then you and I said thank you so much for letting me out of this like I was getting going on parole. You know? Getty said to me later Barbara said, how did she take it? He said she was fine. And this you've told me this was the best two years of your life. Big sendoff in Jon, Allen, older and identity on television. And Tony Bennett came and sang unbelievable. He sang that song kissed the good life behind that was a song. Thank you, Tony because I wasn't getting paid anymore. That was my biggest problem after that was that I had money, which I did I did my solo show that year. I wrote a play. I know what I'm doing. And then they, you know, every time you think you're out they pull you back in well, then Hillary McLaughlin who sitting over here. Like, I said she calls me up. I'm walking around province down and the phone rings. And it's high his Hillary SE McLaughlin calling and. Yeah. And she said, how do you? How would you feel about coming back on Fridays only and hosting the show on Friday? That's how our remember. 'cause I remember only Fridays, and then I felt like, oh, then I'm going to be here all the time. Right. So it meant. To me, it it evolved into more time. I think I think the secret plan was to get you back in any way, we could. And then you would love it so much you'd stay. I'm still here. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, do you enjoy the show as much now? I know right now, this is a bad day. It depends on the day some days, I really really don't like this show and some days. I really really like it. Right. I know. You don't even I could be my mood. It could be they have breakfast, right? It could be anything. I'm in this daily grind for twenty years. So you're not gonna find me in a good mood every day. Right. That's normal. And tell me about you know, we mentioned you monitoring the show occasionally on Fridays. Enjoy that tell me what that you know in between. What was actually when I was still on the view. I had two of the show. I had a show on H line, which is a CNN show. And I it was my show. And then that that when went down because of politics, somebody fired mix like my politics. I'm think that's the real truth of it. Because I said something like Republicans don't care about poor people, and they they didn't like that. And then Romney said the same thing. But anyway, but he wasn't a host on H. So then I was gone, and I still miss that show because we had a wonderful show. What a wonderful time. I was the second rate at show on the network. I don't know what happened there a lot of people that you had on that show. But then I got a show on current TV and. And I was the host of that show..

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