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To the tissues of the mouth mandeville and that serves kind of dacian and this has a cancer of the base of the tongue going into the tonsil and going into the lymph nodes on the right side of the neck is on the right side of the base of tongue going into the right tonsil and in the right neck there's a mass at another hospital had a cat scan he worked up elsewhere i had a cat scanners admitted to the hospital you know how that goes and he saw the throat doctors ent ear nose and throat doctors and they wanted to open up his neck to biopsy the cancer so they wanted to cut on his neck well at that point he said he'd like to get out of the hospital income for a second opinion with dr liederman which is a pretty good idea and came to us now we staged him up with a pet scan to make sure that the cancer had and travel and we told him we could put a needle into the mass and avoid that radical neck section and he liked that idea a lot he didn't want his neck operated on and that's indeed what we've done put a little needle and hit squamous cancer cancer started in the base of tongue went to the console spread to lymph node but didn't spread beyond so we're proposing focused beam treatment to try to minimize the harm who has a mouth and the dryness and other side effects along with some systemic therapy and he likes that a lot better than getting cut on especially cut on his neck so they're often are other options or choices that's why our phone number at work is two one two choices so you can call and make an appointment or could information we tried to serve the patient and for this man luckily he was listening to this radio show actually his best friend was too and they decided to get a second opinion and it saved them a big operation the big cut and surgery anesthesia hospital stay just because he was.

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