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Or shoes. What have you but here? She was just promoting herself and it was like such an interesting is such an interesting thing. I had met her at a video store when a new video store and she was there on. I thought about well. She gave me her assistance number. So I'M GONNA I'm GONNA contact her. Maybe have around the podcast or something. Why don't you still have a podcast? Oh I don't I still am. I did it I did about twenty five episodes and then I decided to stop because I I just wasn't sure what it was doing for me. I enjoyed the experience of it like I would get a a little mood boost after I enjoyed it but I at that time. I wasn't sure that it was the best use of my time as I tried to figure out which direction to go my career and so now you decided to take power in your own hands. Make your own youtube video. Did you start that after you moved out here to or when you lived in New York? I believe I put one video? I'm about here. Yeah so you're you're trying to before. Are you trying to form a community of fellow collaborators? Sure I'd like to I there's not a lot out there for small youtubers. It's there's the youtube space but you need ten thousand subscribers to even walk in the door so it's it's really a challenge You know I've imagined wouldn't it be cool if I set up a Youtube? Collaboration SPACE FOR SMALL YOUTUBERS. But like maybe maybe one day the user but I just want to develop my own World. I because you put that out. I mean that's why this whole this whole experience right now is happening because you put it up on twitter. Any Youtube People WanNA collaborate Do you have favorite youtubers? That media tries to reach out to and say. Hey let's let's let's make videos together or anything. Yeah I've reached out to a few quite a few and it hasn't worked out but I actually am collaborating with a friend of mine that I used to live with the New York in a week and I'm excited about that. Good the AD. She has a very large channel. So I'm excited Each year will not each year this year. We're not doing it but in two thousand twenty one so I co- organized a film festival and it's so exciting because I mean all kinds of people coming in from all these different all over the world. People come in from Switzerland and woman from Argentina woman from Kuwait People from all over the place and When most exciting thing for me like I love being bridge. I love being connector between people so this person needs this. This person has a craving for liquorice. This personal vieria has licorice. This person over here needs someone who who I Dunno so's things in his personal here knows how to SOS thing. Oh okay let's let's bartered. Let's let's bring that together so having this film festival so cool. Is there a lot of these? These filmmakers and a lot of these collaborators are starting to collaborate with each other. Now they're starting to like work on stuff with each other. There's an interview I was doing with these guys who are animators. And they had to do their own voices because they didn't know anyone who is a voice over artist and over here was a guy who's voice over artist who wanted to voice overs for animation. I said Okay you guys I WANNA watch you. Could you know exchange information right now? And they exchanged information and then they ended up working with each other and there was the coolest thing. I get such a kick out of seeing that So I think a lot of times. There's this idea of. Does this vibe that were competing against all these phantoms. Although all these unknown people out there were we have to just force our way through. We've got to compete. It's US versus them. And Oh there's lack of abundance and all this stuff all these kinds of like these. These limited minded believes that have just been kind of recycled.

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