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Miller was my sleeper pick from a about a week and a half ago had put that in and this injury took him out. I've replaced raced him because they don't want to draft a guy. That's going to get off to a slow start. I still think keep your eye on them. Pick them up off of waivers when when he's healthy and back out there is definitely a talented aalto receiver all right. There was some news yesterday about the vance dan's vance mcdonald. They asked the offensive coordinator of pittsburgh weather whether he would see increased playing time in two thousand nineteen. He says he won't he's never gonna play the full game. That's never gonna happen. Mike put his pants on so quick. Look i've recovered okay so in initially when i came out especially coming from the mouth of oh that that was that was made yesterday and the o._c. and i it was a kick right to the numbers after i picked myself up off the floor. The tummy me ache subsided like yes he. He doesn't have to play the full game. Most tight ends aren't george kit old travis kelsey zakar records playing ninety percents of the snaps. You look at like evan ingram over that second half of the year where ingram was a great fantasy tight end. He's playing seventy percent sending the snaps and i still believe that vance mcdonald can get up to that. Maybe he doesn't have reported ninety percent. Play the full game but it just it. Would it would be absolutely baffling if vance mcdonald isn't playing up around the seventy percent of snap. I mean you just look at the depth chart and say okay if he's not your grumble who not inimical right so. I don't think they've got a choice and you need to pass catchers. They'll play too tight ends. I mean grumble will be out. There will be in line guy like jesse. James and i don't think this is a story. The story for vance mcdonald is not oh. I really hope he gets all the snaps for the team. The story prevents me. Donald is there's this giant gaping aping hall of targets with antonio brown leaving the team and snaps at the tight end position <hes> <hes> sure but i mean even if even if you say hey he's going to be on the field. Grumble will be in line blocker. Her just like jesse james snap wise. I'm more interested in the fact. That big been cares about throwing the ball to vance mcdonald is not so much you know any of the oh oh he's not going to get an extra snap. I doubt that this offense coordinator is going to be going well. That's you did that. Many snaps bright and you're on the field last year was as healthiest year so your point is well taken andy. If he just plays the same amount of snaps that he did last year. He'll still get more targets because antonio brown is not out there playing playing those same sniff fifteen touchdowns what antonio brown had last year yes sir so he'll have zero for them this year bold t. so red zone opportunity soon as you do you take a tight and give them three more touchdowns on the snap count that vance had last year. I still think there's reasons for optimism. Yes i've recovered and i'm still there. I have not adjusted vance mcdonald. Donald about the dance would have gotten out of control if if interest we're never did the bruce arians with godwin and said he will never leave the field ooh man that would be inappropriate yeah. This was interesting to me. Jay glazer reporting on watching cooper cockpit. Practice says he timed better in every athletic tasks post a._c._l..

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