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Pbs newshour i'm reser sale in baghdad tomorrow's essayah continues our series with a report on the controversial irani in back militias in iraq that were instrumental in the fight against isis now is the trump administration is considering whether to put tariffs on solar panels made outside the us the rapidly plummeting price of solar panels has led to a boom in rooftop installations and jobs the solar industry now employs almost three times as many people as the coal industry this growth is also raising questions about how utility companies should respond william wrangham is back with this report from vermont it's part of our occasional series of reports payroll and promise the challenge of climate change it's also our weekly look at the leading edge of science and technology good girl injury the commune in her son colder run a dog kennelling grueling business just outside waterbury from on are you ready during the recent windstorm that knocked power out for hundreds of thousands of people in the northeast the lights and blow dryers stayed on at their business power walls are over here that's because mcmahon had just installed these two brand new tesla batteries connected to the solar panels on her roof all your neighbors were out of power for you weren't now way it worked mcmahon installed the panel's five years ago in the summer with its ample son they generate more electricity than she can use so the.

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