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Dominique what's your reaction to hearing that? And that's fine. I guess it's fine. But it's stupid. Like, I don't completely understand why he would do this. So first of all he is nobody like the name you read what's been rough as burger not even Colbert, despite the fact that there's a tweet and it's stupid because it's one wrong and is strategically ineffective. Ben Rothlisberger has reputation created by Tonio Brown and other teammates of being part of ownership. So by you saying this further alienates him and suggesting that his teammates our kids and somehow been rothlisburger only jed in the. That's so disrespectful to a room full of grown men with their body on the line to get to this point. And it's not helping been is not helping to players. I think who is he's trying to win over by. Join it seems like he's trying to win over Ben Rothlisberger, which is funny because the entire point of Antonio Brown, and that whole drama was that he had special treatment that felt inequitable, but I can relate to this any human can relate to this Dominique when I was in high school, we discovered that a team mate of mine on the Lincoln Douglas debate team was going on L debate dot org ever been there. It's a it's a website for high school debate gossip on the forums under a fake name. And trash talk me. He tried to talk Benner on a radio show under his name. How would any of those teammates feel about that? Well, when I was in the NFL, I understood the NFL that we do like, this whole thing is that the mud all NFL culture idea that they're saying this is ok okay. Tom Brady doesn't do this. The whole thing about NFL cultures. All the players are supposed to be the same. Get we parade around the patriots because Bill Belichick yells at Brady the same way, he yelled at the patriot way. And like, this is not something that you ever see happen..

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