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And the museum had held an elaborate ceremony for his shook back in eighteen ninety eight. Franz boas never actually intended bury him instead. He had planned to add bishop's body to the museum's collection all along at the funeral service. The museum staff had wrapped a law in cloth and placed a mask at its head to mimic spotty. The ceremony was held at dusk and they kept minute well. Back from the casket. Wallace later told a newspaper reporter. The boy never suspected so. Where was his father's body. The museum had retrieved it and brought it to wallace's farm west of albany new york yet little building that straddle the stream boatman through the property and that was a d fleshing museum specimens were sent there and unfortunately in expired heysham was sent there and his body was d- flashed in this little building. Basically they ran water continually over the body to strip the flesh from the bones and then the bones were sent back to the american museum of natural history. The three other in wheats bones also ended up at the museum. Though newspaper reports had mentioned the museums plans mimic remained unaware of what had happened until nineteen o seven when he somehow learned his father was at the museum. He demanded that the museum return his father's remains so he could bury them properly in greenland but wallace. Who might have been able to help him convince. Museum officials have been fired a few years earlier for taking bribes as for robert peary. He had washed his hands of the inuit. The moment they arrived at the museum he refused to take mccomb then. Mimic took his sad story to the media. The bad publicity convinced the periodic club that something had to be done period was at just that time on his quest to reach the north pole and the public relations nightmare. That might greet him when he returned would cost them all herbert bridgman one of the founders of the period arctic club arranged for munich to return to greenland on periods regularly scheduled supply ship in nineteen o nine. His father's remains stayed at the museum. He arrived back with just the ozone his back and he was like a fish out of water. He had lost his hunting skills. He had lost his language. He spoke only english. Mimic was eighteen or nineteen years old the age when his peers would already be starting families and providing for them by hunting. He relearned his native language and for a while. He worked as a guide and interpreter for periods former assistant. Donald mcmillan on an expedition north of ellesmere island but unfortunately for meaning. He was still neither fisher foul when he had been in new york. He longed for the arctic the arctic that e view as his home but which he did not understand when he was back in the arctic he longed for new york mimic never felt quite at home in greenland following his return in nineteen o nine several years later restless and without prospects he decided to go back to the us and look for employment but by then the world had changed world. War one was ripping europe apart periods triumphant. The poll and his bitter feud with his rival. Frederick cook seemed like a story from the distant past. Polar adventurers turned towards antarctica to claim their fame affect clearly illustrated by sir ernest shackleton's heroic rescue of his entire crew from shipwreck in nineteen. Sixteen mimic began working as a lumberjack. At a logging camp in northern new hampshire there he befriended another worker named often hall and when logging season ended in spring mimic stayed with hall and his parents at their farm. As ken harper rights mimic seemed to have finally found a home where he felt loved and cared for a community where he felt like he belonged but it was not to last mimic died in nineteen eighteen in the influenza pandemic but instead of being buried in an unmarked mass grave the fate of many of the flu victims the halls laid to rest in the local cemetery where you can still visit his grave while the three cape york meteorites remain at the american museum of natural history the bones of mimics father and his companions are no longer there in nineteen ninety-three as museums began to reckon with their unethical collection practices of the past officials repatriated the remains of the four in wheat. They.

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