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Should call her right now I guarantee you she would leave her job to listen to us if it's about mermaids I think she would too I'll call you right now Z. they hot what do you think of the mermaid okay how does that work yeah soon you know let's fight Alexis live perfect let's find out now John you have mermaid sex on the run down of our broadcast and I'm dying to find out why okay I watched a movie on Amazon prime the White House it has Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in it it was directed by Robert and Max Eggers Kenny you will love this movie I actually saw the information I was going through a Amazon prime last night saw this read about it but then did not watch all you have to watch it because it's films like it was shot in New England in the eighteen nineties they actually used a certain type of film which is double X. stock black and white and that requires a lot more light and exposure so when they shot at night in indoors they had use about fifteen to twenty times more light to actually see on the film but its film that way to make it look like a nineteen eighteen film they actually used to period correct kerosene lamps and filters that were not filters but lenses from the nineteen twenties to do this look it is so beautifully shot I mean the cinematography is just amazing and the story is really super creepy in dark it's about to light house keepers and they start to go crazy were on there on this remote and mysterious New England island in eighteen ninety if you are thinking Robert Pattinson can't play Batman you need to watch this movie why he it's just he brings a real darkness to his character and vulnerability that's just captivating and Willem Dafoe is so outstanding I've this is one of the best acting performances I've ever seen anyone do I have a clip of him he actually lived on this island and never went to a hotel he lived they built a seventy foot White House Willem Dafoe lived in it the whole time they're barely spoke to each other here's a little bit of his one of Willem Dafoe's.

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