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I want to welcome you to this inaugural episode. So we're here and today we are going to cover how this podcast came to be what content we're going to cover and hold on and a quick. Look at our namesake the Omega Particle now as we begin this excursion into podcast excellence. Let's discuss the structure an dare I say the idea behind the show so for me? It's really important to do a weekly sometimes. Even biweekly if live APP pens and comes up episodes of the mega particle simply. Because there's so much going on in trek right now we have card and we have discovery and I would love to do episodic reviews of the new ones that come out. I think that would be a lot of fun. And it'd be great to listen to however what we will not do and a lot of star. Trek podcast are primarily. This we will not do. Episode Broom views an entire series. Now I'm sure many of you like me have seen nine. Voyager TNG multiple times. I've seen probably five times so for me. I really don't care what Matt from Nebraska Things About D. S. nine season four episode to. I mean personally I don't care. I've seen every episode. I know it backwards and forwards. I really don't WanNa hear somebody's review on it so for me. I think you'd be more exciting and more fun to do the newer episodes as they come out week by week. And here's the kicker this is. Uh a structure in an idea that some of my favorite podcasts to and. I WanNa copy that he's an. I'm doing all this time researching when I'm doing all this time. Investing into a podcast. I WANNA do subjects that I need and I think are cool so the first subject now. I deep dive. We are going to do his. I'm happy to announce hold onto your hats. We're doing con. Yes the immortal Khan famously known from the original series spacey and his amazing performance in Star Trek to have gone in my humble opinion. The best movie ever made. And let's not talk about into darkness. 'cause no one needs to know about that so going with Khan. I think that's a great way to start the podcast having this deep dive into a character. Because we don't know a lot about him outside of Spacey Rather Con. We really don't know who he is. How he came to power to put it perspective he ruled one fourth of the planet. Earth during the nineteen nineties eugenics war. How did a child? There was genetically altered genetically engineered. Come from that too brutal dictator. I think that's an interesting story personally. Would want to know about and I think people would wanNA know too so instead of doing a long boring episodic review of series. We've watched eight nine times. We're going to do new subject matter that I haven't learned about before. So yes con will be the first and it's GonNa be real fun interesting. It'll probably be about a two three weeks Series I'm excited about this project and interested to learn more about one of the greatest villains and all of Scifi so one of the main issues I have is on a lot of these star Trek. Podcast don't even finish. They get six episodes in eight episodes in fifteen episodes in and they don't even finish. That's why it's frustrating to me. Because I mean I was getting into deny this will be cool to hear. Maybe like podcast on it maybe. Different perspectives in everything. I found went through season. One maybe season to his kind of fell off and I don't want to run into that trap a previously said. It's kind of boring and it's not new and fresh and willing to bring you the best relevant content in the Alpha quadrant so moving on on how this podcast came to be so. I was super excited when I heard that they were bringing back. John Luc Picard. Because in this series this is the first time we've actually been able to see the future of the federation after the two thousand one two thousand movie we've really had nothing. We only have prequels. We had discovery which is Great. But prequel enterprise which is terrible but prequel so we really don't know how the federation has evolved. Who came to be an are they sticking to their One nine watching Picard with with my wife stormy and she is very supportive and loves to share and things that I love even though she has no idea anything star Trek. I mean. It's very very sweet but so we were watching. I think it was the first episode one or two and they were talking about the the Romulus Cube that they got from the board and had to go deep dive about the Cuban about the board and assimilation and then into the Romulus and into the neutral zone and all this information started coming up and I was like wow this thing I love so much. I haven't really talked to shout Alan. He's been great. He loves next generation however he's never really seen voyager or nine or enterprise or discovery. He's never really expanded his star Trek Canon. So it's really hard to talk about these things on my. Wow did you see what? How portraying the KLINGONS discovery. Or what do you think about the dominion more? And and you think it was decision for them and Blah Blah Blah Blah. And he's net. I really can have that discussion. So how sitting there my wife and I was like you know what would be cool idea be able to talk about on a weekly basis whether character deep dimes or going into specific things. I was like this would be a neat idea to do so. She's been very very supportive. And so now we invested. I'm sitting down in my basement with this makeshift sound proof booth and it's it's been a joy and I love it and the thing that really turned me on about this whole process was the content. Not about the artwork or getting on. I tunes or anything like that. The thing that really made me excited was mount making researching and producing the content. And that's how I think I've stumbled onto something I'll enjoy. I WANNA thank stormy for all her help and encouragement in this podcast creation. I really can't do it without her. Now we all came in for the science and theories behind the Omega Particle. Our namesake and this podcast now. The mega particle is a very highly unstable molecule. And it's believed to be the most powerful substance known to man. It is also believed that a few molecules can power an entire civilization. So people want this thing. People are searching for it. They're hungry for it however since it so violently in stable when it explodes. This is the kicker in destroy up space which makes warp travel impossible. So if a couple of these molecules go off with say in this fruited plane known as the Alpha quadrant sub space warp travel impossible. What would we do? So that's why starfleet gave out something called the Omega Directive and they said if anybody comes across these molecules to destroy them immediately and keep the explosion to a minimum however the only issue is. There's no real proper way to contain the molecule. So there's no way to contain it. It's very dangerous. So that's why starfleet said just knocking out don't even give somebody the opportunity to bring it to a planet or bring it somewhere. They could cause further damage which makes sense so fun fact. Some Federation cosmologists believe in theorize. The mega particles are one of the substances known to the Big Bay in Voyager Seven Nine. Just dismiss that as a creation myth. So but we'll get into that maybe later. If we ever cover seven of nine the first time we see the Omega Particle in Star Trek is in voyager season four episode the Omega Directive Named After Star Fleets call sign for this molecule so voyager comes across Kathryn. Janeway gets the flashing Omega Greek symbol on the screen. Saying you know what to do. Go to the ready room and get briefed. So captain is only information and she decides to share with bridge crew which makes sense doing a situation being in the Delta quadrant so since they now know what to do seven of nine is a Borg. See there's a great boring history with the Mega Park. We'RE NOT GONNA go deep dive into it. But they believe that. The Mega Particle is absolute perfection. And I think twenty eight board vessels were destroyed in trying to contain this molecule and seven of nine even says we had it for like two or three seconds and it was pure perfection in typical Borg language. And I think while that's really crazy to sacrifice so much just for a couple of seconds however that definitely influenced her on the bridge voyager voyager because then they try to make this containment field that can. How's it a couple of seconds and then they shoot a grab a metric torpedo at it to contain these Beaujolais and only limited damage to the sub space. So that's the last time we really see the only time we really see though mega particle in Star Trek Canon. Now there are few like little things like in voyager like Q. Junior comes hey. Let's throw out some Omega particles together and see what happens you know. And then there's a couple more deep dives into the mega particles in the book series. But I'm not going to do that in this inaugural episode we're GonNa Save the deep dives for subjects. I really really WanNa know about and you really really want to know about and if you WANNA do more information please Google all you want on the mega particle so as we wrap up today. I just WANNA go over again. We'RE GONNA try to release on a weekly basis on biweekly. Sometimes and I'll let you know before but I just want to say thank you for listening and being here. I appreciate all the support from my wife storming my friends in looking forward to expanding and conducting this excursion and to podcasts. Excellence also if you have any suggestions for topics that you want to hear or you don't WanNa send. He's whenever debate on this particular issue or person in the Star Trek Canon. Please feel free to email me Omega Particle podcast at Jimoh Dot Com again. That is a mega particle podcast. Jimoh DOT COM. I'm your host Jonathan weakened and thank you for discovering the Omega Park..

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