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Of the lack of coherence to the political message of this movie matt pete any thoughts on mic supers legal again ms l a doesn't have the same as backup does i mean i have a slightly different read of maga in the sense that i see it as kind of also geared towards notions of conquest and and the idea of of national aggression so not just not necessarily just a davy crockett catchphrase but it's also about papering over large structural problems with the notion that by being angry and by being hostile you will improve your standing of everybody right then this manifested and things like wars and stuff like that and that it just feels like the kind of belligerence that is not to be trusted i think that that that that's that's maybe the big the clue perhaps is not necessarily what it means specifically like you know the idea of america first stuff has a very definitive history a lot of people aren't aware of it but once you are aware of it is the kind of thing you can't unsee right that you're using specific disk and we believe a lot in overthinking at i think in the historical relations of discourses that you can't necessarily repeat the same sentence and have it be have no association from the second time he said it to the first time you said it and so when you say things that white supremacists world saying back in the day like that associated with white supremacy but at the same time there's a lot of people who are not aware of what that what that connection and don't see it and don't know that it's there and i think that that maps onto the screen slavery plot pretty well in the sense that the guy who is selling his batman adam west the movie plot which is let's get all the world leaders onto a boat which i think is also a plot of an episode of tailspin i'm not sure but actually it's a little different it's all the magnates of industry that get on the spruce moose in that one but it's it's not going to dehydrate them but they are going to put them all under mind control this is a very adam west batman kind of blot and but the guy who's gathering everybody and serving as the guy who's selling this everybody has no idea what he's selling.

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