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One day when when real vision is is not such a massive part of my life i look forward to to put in all the things i've learned into practice time to sit and manage money actively myself but but i'm i'm i'm very very aware that in these markets and at this time it's really not a smart thing for me to be doing right and and trying to trade and do anything i i spent a a couple of years trading futures and the thing that was that just drove me nuts was having to be glued to the screens all the time if you're a syrian all the time you're not doing the right that's exactly right jesse and then things can move so arbitrary these days that the amount of time i spent on airplanes whoa could change between getting on board and getting off at the other end so it's just it's just not smart thing for me to be doing but i understand come back to the point i was making earlier on the amount of knowledge i mean no information but knowledge i'm accumulating as i have these conversations is extraordinaire i didn't i didn't resonates with me all the time and i i genuinely do look forward to a day we're not gonna put it to work properly rather than kind of pop time fashion yeah and you mentioned you own gold and when i recently spoke with simon he looks at it more mikhailovitch e looks more of it as a an insurance policy is that the same way or do you view it as a more of a longterm fundamental investment or how do you see your gold position let's just give everybody a chance to switch off before i start talking about gulf because i've heard this and they're probably not trying to chain to another station i it's a fascinating subject to me i'm fascinated by gold i'm fascinated by the history of it on fascinated by the attitudes towards it it's the gift that keeps on giving and i'm very very much in simon's camp to me the price is absolutely the last consideration when i say on care about the person you really don't care about the price it's it's an allocation it's an insurance policy it's a hey jr.

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