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Is Imran Ahmed founder and CEO of the business of fashion and this week on the Buick podcast. We look back at the fashion season. That was I talked to Tim blanks are editor large about saying farewell to Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and Fendi where there were emotional Oman shes to one of the greatest fashion designers that ever was. We also discussed the explosive second collection from sleep man who moved to abortion while look at selene, and we talk about the cultural impact and fashions reflection on social issues that were being discussed in and around fashion week. So here's Tim blanks. Inside passion. Tim blanks. You just poured an entire well. He's an Espresso shot into the glass, a double Espresso shot into a glass of water cold water. Why did you do that? It's my make Colo. Anyway, I guess you needed after the fashion month gone by all that coffee. You set it. I was the season. It was it was it consolidated everything we've been saying about fashion for the last little while always lead to Paris. But this is curious situation there that the fish of the days at nine thirty in the morning. The law shows at nine thirty at night. In on a on a few days felt like it was nice city at night, anyway, which which makes a very very long days quite tiring. Because it feels that there is so much more in Paris than look fresh as a daisy. Thank you. That's one does modern science. My homemaker cola. You know, we we had quite a. Quite a season. There was a lot that happened off the runways as well with the passing of Karl Lagerfeld. The regular racism scandals that were you know, erupting in different places. But let's start with the shows and talk about some of these kind of deeper issues bit later, I missed the comedy also show 'cause I had to record a podcast 'cause I'm so dedicated to our podcast, but it was your top show of the season. Talk to me about mass show. You know, that you said it was devastating. I thought it was I thought it was overwhelming. I thought that. Raica will right Kawakubo used to regularly nail the site guys. I guess you'd call it. And I feel that I feel that her interests kind of went elsewhere when she's to that stretch of shows where she was was she wasn't really doing close to as she had other things on mind. And then she reengaged with that process. According to an interview I read with ho Susannah Frankel last season and the season was back that will not back Ford to. A presentation that just seemed to really put us right where we are right now under the under the luring cloud of climate change and in a world of increasing conflict in division. And she did it by I felt she did it with with by using these sort of emblems of very high society of their very civilized society. You know, the dress codes of of the icing centuries in Pontiac as in and and we'll list sort of Lasorda of silhouette ideas, you associate with with court dress almost and then using these incredible industrial fabric site will rub. Oh, and and play with her and so on but making these beautiful beautiful shape set look like to me like that being drowned in an oil spill and then. The was the whole staging of the show is much more car graph than a shows. Usually are there was a big open space a squarespace actually of that narrow runway that so small, and usually I mean for years everybody was on the same level, and this was very tightly ID and very very enclosed at felt like a, you know, one of those courts at the minds used to play kinda pro baseball with the heads of their enemies, it felt really closed in like that really intense..

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