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How are you Burton all your problems you straight with your house thank you Sir and privileges mine your generous doctor caliphate yesterday you spoke about a patient who went into remission despite years of all sort of colitis yes themselves third yes in the past you were kind enough to consult regarding a friend of mine who has Crohn's disease given the similarities between the two decisions white children with problems expect some arrive publisher yes welcome hello typically we've seen patients that sort of how would I put a dance back and forth between different diagnoses so sometimes the initial diagnosis is so horrible about or you have reflux and then as the symptoms progress in certain meds don't work then they walk a little bit further towards either Crohn's or ulcerative colitis irritable bowel is you know the big category where you can have all sorts of different presentation but the reality is in some doctors will do endoscopy with biopsy etcetera it's an inflammatory mechanisms created by something sometimes we see that heavy metals related in many cases we see food allergy can cause inflammation the got that's one of the most common triggers are irritants also infection can play a role but stem cells are putting brand new cells into the area and shutting down the inflammatory cascade that's why can work so well and that's why this gentleman and you'll see via his video up on the website really soon he in forty eight hours had a dramatic change in the course of his illness you'll be able to hear him tell the story so because we've seen that work for lots of other degenerates shorter so I think that makes more sense than anything find the cause you know correct vitamins minerals hormones change the diet and allow your body to repair itself by using your own cells you win this particular narrative will be available I I think within this week this week we should have it up on the website and I'm I'm not a computer support but my friend is how he finds this doctor cal dot net W. W. W. dot D. R. C. A. L. dot net if I might pose a related question doctor Calgary sure vindicated that the body puts out a distress signal arch which stem cells respond yeah that's sort of the easy way for me to describe it I'm sure there's a lot of biochemistry involved but given of what that biochemistry consists why is it that it requires your fusionist themselves secure site why are they not automatic be attracted only to whatever the distress I did because obviously when we extract the bone marrow and we're getting two to three billion stem cells and we're putting them into play into the vein they're going to everywhere your blood flow carries you're getting a massive amount of stem cell as opposed to the hundreds of thousands that may leak out of some of your fat or your bone marrow in a normal fashion so it just by the numbers by volume of numbers and again this is been studied you know stem cells industry for over a hundred years but this process of extraction spinning and putting them back in within the half hour has been studied over and over and over again for so many of the you know chronic and degenerative source this is something that has a huge amount of research behind it it doesn't work bodies detection and delivery mechanism alone is not sufficient well your body can do we can do on based on its own and its daily basis but we're going well beyond that by taking the two to three billion cells in putting into play that's you know you put them into the joint that helps repair and grown you know repair joint issue intravenous is great for your organs heart lung liver kidney pancreas got intravenous and nebulizer for long intravenous and nasal post rain there's also research by the west M. cell therapy for people that have pulmonary fibrosis and when she might have heard of that that's one of the worst conditions of your loan which typically might require a lung transplant but there's also research popular stem cell therapy for respiratory distress syndrome which is what people that have corona virus developed because the virus is damaging the long so much creating inflammation and you're destroying cells that's why people become severe with that your lung inflammation so we're gonna keep track of that as well you do a world of good day by day thank thank you Sir always always a pleasure talking to you okay phone lines are open if you'd like to call in to ask questions to do so now for I not to wait for the end of program one eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two if you like to call and ask a question you could do so now let's go next to Caroline in Franklin Virginia hi how are you fine zero great well I'm new at this so I have my questions can be very vague and that's okay I'm on my cholesterol and I'm on medication L. E. B. O. O. T. H. Y. R. O. X. I. N. okay five milligrams and my suggestion that I shouldn't be taken care of my thyroid curriculum gives me a little star rocks you'll be a thyroid pill cholesterol told B. Lipitor crest store yeah my silence Pretoria yeah we typically don't really need to use those meds because when we evaluate people put him on a low carb diet given to exercise every day for a half hour will correct vitamin deficiency will correct hormones including thyroid but when we correct thyroid we don't just use T. four which is level thyroxine used T. three and T. four you'll get a better result that way my left my cholesterol sure I'd be not taken my cholesterol as I just mentioned we don't use cholesterol meds because there are side effects it wipes are co Q. ten hours could affect your heart your muscles your brain how about a country yet so typically instead of using the classroom as well have people do a low carbohydrate diet it down to thirty grams of carbs per day state which means no bread pasta potatoes rice fruit oatmeal grains but you can have chicken Turkey fish pork squash soup salad nuts green vegetables he could have lamb you know there lots of great things to have cauliflower cauliflower rice instead of regular rice cauliflower mashed instead of mashed potatoes so it's low carb exercise at least a half hour every day nonstop you know either walking around the block running an indoor bike outdoor by considering correcting hormone decline fiery DHEA testosterone at center and correcting vitamins and we don't need colostrum as we do that all right okay thank you J. so much for your call good talking to you okay phone lines are open if you'd like to call and ask a question do so right now the way to end the program we're here to take your call as I mentioned before my offices are open six days a week as most of you know I've been in practice for thirty two years now hi graduated medical school gosh so many years ago eighty six so the idea is that if we learn a.

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