Robert Muller, Robert Mueller, President Trump discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


So what mullet did was laid it out with? Thout commentary to the American people. I think most people can see that. Yes. Certainly is probable cause to believe that the president of struck did Justice not once not twice not three times. But over two handfuls of times, and it's pretty clear cars from what can you tell us about the possible date for Robert Muller's testimony to your committee? Well, that is still under investigation or excuse me, still under negotiation may fifteenth is a target date. But if that date is not the actual date that is arrived at I think, it should be at some point very soon thereafter. So I'm optimistic that the committee would be able to reach an agreement with Muller's representatives and Muller will testify, and if the president tries to keep him from testifying, then we'll go back through this. Process of subpoenaing Muller. And I don't think he will take the same attitude as bar has taken which has been to just be flippant in their response to legislative oversight at believed that Muller will respond, and it should be pretty easy to get him into the witness chair. And I'm looking forward to it. And I know that the American people are looking forward to it all your what would you be looking for in a Robert Mueller's testimony? What what would you want him to be asked? And what would you hope he would answer? I think I want to know some of the places where he didn't reach conclusions some of the places where he alighted hard questions where he said, you know, the nature of the constitutional question means, I can't address obstruction. So I would want to press on essentially on the places where we thought he would do more than he did. And he did not to and in many instances. We know why we? So for instance, the guidance the oil c- cut guidance played a huge part in his making a decision that he couldn't inundate a sitting president. But there are a lot of sections of the report where there's a lot of Merck. And I would like to know what he would have done absent the constraints that he felt that he was under. And I think that's a place. I would wanna press June one of the distinctions between the the attorney general Robert Muller is they attorney journal one out of his way to say when he was discussing the obstruction of Justice components of of the of the report to say that there was no underlying offense. There was no underlying crime that the attorney general's view that the president was trying to cover up and the Robert Muller makes it very clear that legally an underlying crime is not a necessary component of an obstruction of Justice charge. Could could you explain to beury's who I think would have trouble understanding how? Can you be guilty of obstruction of Justice? If there was no crime that you were trying to cover up. I'll give you an example, if the FBI serves me with a subpoena for my tax records, and they feel that I'm attack sheet or the IRS serves me a subpoena, and I am a an honest tax payer. But I'm just mad that they serve me what a subpoena, and then I instruct my accountant to burn all my records. I have obstructive Justice. Even though I didn't cheat on my taxes..

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