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Wall Street Journal Money and investing. By the Wall Street bond one suit Per. Fortunately activity, investors file suit seeking damages for alleged argument, misrepresentations and concealment regarding multi billion dollar bond funds. Folks get out of risky investments. Get out of the Wall Street casino 888755 88 87. That's triple 87558887 Sit down with Anthony Perry, Get all the details. Read all the fine, correct. Call the number now. 88875588 87 Now I mentioned at the beginning of our program that we would reimburse you for your investment of time and congratulations. You have made it to the payoff. We are at the lightning round. We're gonna throw out various investment strategies and Anthony, But if the investment strategy you're looking for is fully safe and insured, then you only have two options. Listen up. This is extremely important, very important. The only two options you have to ensure what you have and protect what you have. You could get into a CD, A certificate of deposit that's insured by the bank in backup insured by the FBI. See, or you could get into the superior fixed annuity. Now this imperious instability is offering you raise of 67 or 8% per year, depending upon what program you get into for the purpose of generating future. Lifetime income. The superior instability If you a bonus, a bonus of assistant to 20% on day one. That's real money. Folks take funds immediately. Lifetime income. You could take a lifetime income payments immediately. Very conventional. Take all your fun to term Close. The account gets it on Qi Beneficiary the only two things that truly fully safe in a church that's a certificate certificate of deposit and superior fixed annuity. And folks to find out more about those great fixed annuities. The number to call is 888755 88 87 again Triple 8755 88 87 now on to the Lightning round, and we're going to focus again this week on bonds and let's start this week with corporate bonds provide even good high rated corporate bonds could be risky because there's interest rate risk. And because interest rates a little E zero bond prices move inversely with interest rates. So bonds today at the high school you ever even a good corporate bond that's highly rated You're gonna lose money. And that money that you're gonna lose is gonna be anyway between 35 times to change in interest rates and its interest rates for what 3%. Then you could lose up to 15% in that month. Junk bonds. Rikki jump on the bed. The default rates in 2015 are at record highs, so not only is their interest rate risk where you could lose money just when interest rates rise. You could have that bond default, and when the default the money's gone, there is no more a count. You can't get your money back on a risky jump on very glad we wouldn't put anything it was future implies merely bonds. Many by same interest rate risk. You might be earning 2 to 3% in, um, unibond. But when interest rates rise, there is interest rate risk. And you gonna see the value of that newly blind go down anywhere between 35 times to change in interest rates. So if interest rates again, go up, 3% points even lose up to 15% Indemnity bond. Johnny Junk bonds, You know junk bonds. Bad news. If you had Detroit Bonds or Puerto Rico bonds, you may lose everything. Stay away from Munich Junk bonds, mutual bond funds, mutual box funds, The worst find investment you could get into because today more than ever before, there are many illiquid junk bonds and those Munich want funds now. Wall Street Journal did an investigative reporting found that many of the very large mutual bond funds Have a liquid bonds in their holdings, some up to 40% of their holdings. So when that happens And you try to redeem your funds from a very risky many bond fund with lots of illiquid bonds. You may not be able to redeem your shares Stay away Bonds today a dangerous Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School. He's written a piece in The Wall Street Journal, and he's called right saying that on today a very dangerous you buy low, sell high. Now's the time to sell your bonds. Sell your bond funds. Get out. Before we take a big hit in interest rates before some of these things to Paul, Get out now, while the getting is good folks before you put any of your hard earned dollars in any of the risky investment we talked about in lightning round I wanted to.

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