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That's true and all guests appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. I thought that in there too because with three guests coming up and this is kind of a again, I mentioned earlier this our last radio show for a little bit because 'cause football, however, we're not going away. We're gonna talk about that later, but because it's kind of a round up show. It's hillbilly headlines to the bazillions degree sheriff, Mike Chitwood of Eliza county also known as where we spend every February for the Daytona five hundred will join us Melinda mayo. Okay, TV in Arkansas, join us because she was at a wedding or she had the greatest tweet in history of the Twitter machine. And she a picture of a gravy found it was. It was like, I used to think that the golden corral chocolate tower was the redneck the greatest redneck dessert bar of all time. No, yeah. That has been trumped by the biscuits and gravy tower. This was spun around in a circle. Yeah. And at thing had it was it was a gravy pool, man. It was amazing and bale stack of biscuits next to it. And then our hillbilly hill correspondent for my at their Mike Chitwood 's sheriff, Mike Chitwood backyard. Lauren corn will join us. They know each other buddies. All their big time buddies. And so it is hillbilly headlines to the hilt. We're also talk a little sports which you already just did. We're also going to roll out a couple of big mardi McGee related announcements because at the end were just about promoting ourselves. It's Marty McGee on ESPN radio, the ESPN app siriusxm channel eighty ethica just said that right. Mardian McGee not your typical radio thing about the original wiffle bat. We put tape on. I don't know if that's legal at well who said just county was legal..

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