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Where the wandering slips of vines would their pendant interlacing creep over the burden carrying reads and the leafy covering has made a vine covered portico. Well do we bring our ears to attention here? And as we look upon the trees, the vines we delight our is by the pleasing view and likewise instruct the soul by what we hear and nourish it by what we see. And yet now you're only pleasure and your only concern is with conversation and overlooking the enticements of the pleasures of sight you have fixed your eyes upon me with that countenance and would that attention by which you are altogether a listener. And with this affection with which you love me. But of whatever nature or however much that is which comes into your heart from us. The poor mediocrity of my meager talent produces a very sparing harvest and does not grow heavy with stocks for a copious rich deposit. Nevertheless, shall approach my task as well as I can. For the subject matter of my talk is quite to my liking. In courts of Justice in Public Assembly before the rostrum let an opulent eloquence be displayed with unrestrained ambition. But, when speech is concerned with the Lord God, the pure sincerity of speech depends not on the force of eloquence for the arguments in support of faith. But on facts. Therefore, receive not eloquent words but forceful ones. Not decked out with cultivated rhetoric to entice a popular audience but simple words of unvarnished truth for the proclaiming of God's mercy. Receive what is felt before it is learned. And what is gathered not after a long study with much delay but what his drawn in by a quickening act of divine grace. While I was lying in darkness and in the obscure night and while ignorant of my real life, I was tossing about on the Sea of a restless world wavering and doubtful in my wandering steps. A stranger to the truth in the light I thought it indeed difficult and hard to believe according to the character of mine at the time that divine mercy was promised for my salvation. So that, any one might be born again and quickened into a new life by the lever of the saving water. Put off what he had been before. And although the structure of the body remained, he might change himself in soul and mind. How I said is such a conversion possible. That, the innate which had grown hard in the corruption of natural material or when acquired has become inveterate by the affliction of old age should suddenly and swiftly be put assigned. The. These things deep and profound have been thoroughly rooted within us. When does he learn thrift who has become accustomed to lavish banquets in extravagant feasts? And when does he who conspicuous in costly Raymond has shown in gold and purple dispose himself to ordinary and simple clothing. He who has been delighted by the Pharisees Public Honors cannot become a private inglorious citizen. He who has been attended by crowds of clients who has been honored by a crowded assemblage of an officious throng thinks it a punishment to be alone? Of necessity as in the past wine, bing ever entices with its tenacious allurement. Pride puffs up, anger, inflames covetousness. Disturbs. Cruelty stimulates. Ambition Delights. Lust, plunges into ruin. This, I often said to myself for his I. Myself was held in livened by very many of my previous life of which I believed that I could not divest myself. So I was disposed to give in to my clinging vices and in my despair of better things, I indulged my sins as if now proper and belonging to me. But afterwards when the stain of my past life had been washed away by the aid of the water of regeneration, a light from above poured itself upon my chastened impure heart. Afterwards, when I had drunk of the spirit from heaven, a second birth restored me into a new man. Immediately in a marvelous manner, doubtful manners clarifying themselves the closed opened the shadowy shown with light. What seemed impossible was able to be accomplished so that it was possible to acknowledge that what formerly was born of the flesh and lived submissive to sentence was earthly. And what the Holy Spirit already was animating began to be of God. Surely. You know and recognize alike with myself what was taken from us and what was contributed by the death of sins and by that life of virtues. You Yourself No. I do not proclaim it. Boasting to one's own praises OJ's although that cannot be a matter of boasting but an expression of gratitude which is not ascribed the virtue of man but his proclaimed as of God's Munificence. So that now not to sin begins to be of faith and what was done in sin before. To be of human error. Our power is of God I say. All of it is of God. From Him we have life from him. We have prosperity. By the Viggo received and conceived of him while still in this world, we have four knowledge of what is to be. But let fear be the guardian of innocence so that the Lord who of his mercy has flowed into our hearts with the silent approach of celestial tenderness may be capped in the Guest Chamber of a heart that gives delight by its righteous action. Lest the security we have received beget carelessness and the old enemy creep upon us in new. But if you hold to the wave innocence to the way of justice with the firmness of your step unbroken if depending upon God with all your strength and your whole heart, you will only be would you began to be So, much power is given you in the way of freedom to act as there is an increase in spiritual grace. For there is no measure or moderation in receiving of God's Munificence as is the custom with earthly benefits For the spirit flowing forth bountifully is shut in by no boundaries and his checked within the spaces of definite limits by no restraining barriers. Ain't spreads out continually into overflows abundantly provided only our hearts or a thirst and open for it. According as we bring to it a capricious faith to this extent. Do we draw from it overflowing grace? From this source is the power given with modest chastity with a sound mind with a pure voice to extinguish the virus of poisons within the marrow of the grieving to cleanse the stain of.

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