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Offices in Las Vegas I'm Jim root for ten ten wins president trump meanwhile tweeting about Bernie Sanders before the caucuses repeating reports that U. S. Intel believes Russia's meddling on behalf of the Sanders campaign of course the same Intel says Russia is also interfering in favor president trump California congressman Adam Schiff responded accusing the president of not doing anything to stop Russian election meddling president trump continues to claim that alleged Russian interference on his behalf is a hoax but Sanders responded quite differently on Friday instead warning Russia to stay out of American elections residential candidates turned Bernie backer Meredith Bloss COS some advice for people to judge following the Nevada caucuses and it isn't pretty last year tweeted a blunt message to mayor Pete tonight quote to try not to be so smug when you just got your **** kicked except he didn't exactly use the word but the judge spoke tonight after Sanders was projected the winner Nevada saying that the self described democratic socialist is too extreme to be president trump come November he posted strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire but is expected to have a tough time and more diverse states where he's been struggling in the polls time now to look ahead to the next big contest the South Carolina primary coming up on Saturday followed by super Tuesday on March third with more than a dozen states holding primaries that day with news time twelve twenty four a city firefighter who lost his brother on nine eleven has now died of pancreatic cancer blamed on his exposure to toxins at the World Trade Center site Daniel Foley of new Rochelle was diagnosed almost exactly a year ago first responder advocate John feel of the feel good foundation tells ten ten wins it's a double tragedy Daniel with his brother another firefighter on nine eleven so nine eleven took those two brothers eighteen and a half years apart you know since September first of last year we lost eighty two uniformed and non uniformed nine eleven heroes men and women standing solely was forty six years old his brother was only thirty two upper stages city college dealing with the fallout from a controversial fashion show correspondent Julie Walker explains the fashion institute of technology known as F. I. T. is apologizing for show by an alarm from China where models wore gigantic big bright red lips and oversize black years that many on social media like into black face and monkey years the school which is part of the state university of New York says it will examine what led up to the February seventh event the college's dean of the school of graduate studies and the chair of the MFA fashion design department were placed on administrative leave pending the investigation Julie Walker New York we posted photos from that show at ten ten wins dot com wins news time twelve twenty five.

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