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A tweeter writes in helpfully. When are you guys going to handle? How bad the sound is from Billy Chris Greg Roy? It is unacceptable that you have not fixed this in two weeks. I don't want to become defensive about that criticism. I would just say to you that there are certain challenges that are making our show a little bit more difficult or a lot more difficult than it usually is and tensions are high stu gods just yelled at Roy for the First Time. I've seen in about fifteen years doing this Roy. Through his headsets a in in in a rage Stugotz has been trying to soothe Roy. Sense it has not worked. This is why divorce rates are already up all over the country. Everyone is sick of each other. We are tearing apart at the seams. And let me be defensive on your behalf year to that person who texted in shut the hell up. Okay seriously. Like we're doing the show very difficult conditions and I understand. Everyone is living under very difficult. Conditions Right now but we're actually trying to do a radio show that requires a lot of communication. You will never know from the way we do it but requires a lot of communication and we value the voices of Roy. Billy Chris and Mike and it is hard to get to them right now. So we're doing the best weekend but I'll be defensive and I will tell you shut up adult text us again. Thank you Guillermo at Lebatardshow is show. Tearing apart at the seams at Lebatardshow we've got an update all of these polls. We've had three days of Poles and we haven't gotten to reading any of them. We will do that before. The show is over but Earlier during last week I should say we were talking about just owners billionaires and I was talking about Micky. Arison the Miami Heat owner and many people because We've talked before about the idea. The Greatest Gulf between sports fans and the people who play sports. It's a bridge made of money because it is the place where a lot of judgment rains down and people don't have compassion generally for the millionaires and billionaires. There is something about having money in sports that makes people slightly less human so because I find fascinating and also stressful. What it is that some of these people with big money are enduring right now because no one really prepares for the apocalypse. And I don't know what Micky Arison monthly bills are. I have found fascinating that when I look at this situation. Not taking a side when. I looked at the situation of what's happening with the Miami Heat. And its owners as he ends up having a real crisis on his hands in the cruise industry a cruise industry that. I would make no arguments on behalf of bailing out. I don't believe that a cruise industry or a casino industry especially not cruise industry where the taxes aren't even paid in this country. I would not make any of the arguments on behalf of we should bail out a cruise company. But I do understand how it is that this would be a hugely stressful time. No matter how much money it is that you have the idea that you're basketball franchise has always been a toy. That doesn't even make money. It barely. It barely broke. Even during the Miami Heat's Lebron years now. There is money at the end of this. When you sell the franchise and like Steve Balmer. You end up paying two billion dollars because you WANNA franchise. While I wouldn't make the argument that it was an act of altruism either that Micky arison offered his cruise ships to Donald Trump as hospitals. Because I'm guessing he wants some of the money that would come or the government aid that would come. I'm guessing there. I don't know anything about this but I find the entire situation interesting. Like why wouldn't people imagine that if you're hemorrhaging money that is in the billions not the millions that that would be a stressful thing. No matter who the hell you are especially if you don't see any wearing the distance relief coming and only relief that you that you hope on is what will the country bail me out. We'll the government bail me out like what? What is it about people that they don't understand it? I'm not? I'm not trying to engender sympathy for anybody. I know that many of you and our audience for some reason have limits on your compassion and your empathy and your sympathy. But what is it about what? I'm saying that people can understand that that would be hugely stressful situation. No matter your wealth. Because they're comparison shopping their stress and their situation is way worse than Micky arison situation or more Cuban situation. Those guys the owners wealthy people they have resources that most of us do not have. They are staying nice houses. They're going to have a lot of money whether the Cruise Industry sinks or not Dan no pun intended Micky. Arison is going to be just fine. So they're comparison shopping and saying listen. I don't care about that guy stress and what he has to do and how much money he's GonNa lose. Because I am sitting at home and I'm not working in. My stress is for greater than a billionaire stress. That's what they're doing. If I may just out of curiosity how is it that you know exactly that? Micky Arison is going to be just fine. I'm just curious how it is that you would know that. I understand how you would arrive assumption. But given the given the general state of where we seem to be headed as an economy and given that you've got politicians right now arguing on behalf of we need to keep the economy alive more than we keep our old people alive like. I'm not sure that anybody is okay in this climate. And that's fair to answer your question. I don't know if he's going to be okay but people like myself people just assume that he's going to be okay like. Hey Mickey is GonNa be just fine. Even if his company goes because maybe they think he invested wisely. He's got a lot of money they just don't care they just assume that he's going to be five. Maybe that's totally fair response from you but most people just kind of feel like hey regards what happens here billionaire going to be fine after this is over. Yeah in this country. We just really don't allow billionaires to go broke especially if have those companies and even if you take carnival and the industry the cruise line industry as a whole doesn't get bailed out in the way that it's being reported in the news at it. Might he still has the asset at the Miami Heat. He no like. There's a lot of people that are losing their businesses right now and having to decide whether or not they go with a car micky arison is going to have to decide whether or not he wants to sell the Miami Heat. I would be curious if you guys what what's a number. I would have to put in front of you for it to reach you in terms of what the monthly bills are for someone like Micky Arison to have no income coming in and again. I'm not sitting here trying to make any argument. I would argue the other side. I would not bail out something like the cruise industry here but where would I have to put the number to get anyone's attention on what the monthly bills are? And I understand Steve. Balmer sits here and buys the forum in four hundred million dollars. Cash that that. There's no one listening audience right now. Who has any concept none of what that is to live in that world where you can buy something with four hundred million dollars cash and have it represent only ten percent of your well? Oh I wouldn't want Micky arison problems right now and that's horrible decision. I know it's like a situation that none of us can find a connection point to do. I have to decide whether or not to sell my professional basketball team for a billion dollars. He's got a I'm envious of his parachute but I'm not envious of the personal life decisions that he has to make week weakest problems right now a lot bigger than mine. Not Envious of the problems. I am envious of the parachute that he has but might people would love to trade their problems for Mickey's problems. That's where it comes from. I don't WanNA trade for his problems. I want to trade for his solutions. You want to right now like you want to give you right now and I give you this given what your life is right now. You wake up in the morning you go to a microphone and you've done by the by one o'clock and you're in then. I don't have problems. I'm not the one sitting home. At least not right now. I don't have a problem. We're working. I'm still learning paycheck. But if I wasn't working and our place to place a day to day then yes I would trade those problems for Mickey's problems.

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